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1 Mathews, V. JohnNeural decoding using a nonlinear generative model for brain-computer interfaceKalman filters have been used to decode neural signals and estimate hand kinematics in many studies. However, most prior work assumes a linear system model, an assumption that is almost certainly violated by neural systems. In this paper, we show that adding nonlinearities to the decoding algorithm ...2014-01-01
2 Khan, Faisal HabibOn the design of efficient magnetic coils for the stimulation of peripheral nervesNeural stimulators are the key building blocks of current neuroprosthetic systems, such as cochlear and retinal implants. Due to direct current injections and foreign body reactions, conventional current passing electrodes suffer from reduced performance and reduced lifetimes. However, magnetic fiel...2013-01-01
3 Khan, Faisal HabibPV faults: Overview, modeling, prevention and detection techniquesRecent PV faults and subsequent fire-hazards on April 5, 2009, in Bakersfield, California, and April 16, 2011, in Mount Holly, North Carolina provide evidence of a lack of knowledge among PV system manufacturers and installers about different PV faults. The conducted survey within the scope of this ...2013-01-01
4 Khan, Faisal HabibPV ground-fault detection using spread spectrum time domain reflectometry (SSTDR)A PV ground-fault detection technique using spread spectrum time domain reflectometry (SSTDR) method has been introduced in this paper. SSTDR is a reflectometry method that has been commercially used for detecting aircraft wire faults. Unlike other fault detection schemes for a PV system, ground fau...2013-01-01
5 Khan, Faisal HabibReliability analysis and performance degradation of a boost converterIn general, power converters are operated in closed-loop systems, and any characteristic variations in one component will simultaneously alter the operating point of other components, resulting in a shift in overall reliability profile. This interdependence makes the reliability of a converter a com...2014-01-01
6 Tasdizen, TolgaSerial section registration of axonal confocal microscopy datasets for long-range neural circuit reconstructionIn the context of long-range digital neural circuit reconstruction, this paper investigates an approach for registering axons across histological serial sections. Tracing distinctly labeled axons over large distances allows neuroscientists to study very explicit relationships between the brain's com...2012-01-01
7 Stringfellow, Gerald B.Simulation of self-assembled compositional core-shell structures in In xGa 1-xN nanowiresWe report the simulation of compositional core-shell structure formation in epitaxial InGaN nanowires (NWs) and its dependence on kinetic growth mode and epitaxial relation to substrate, based on atomistic-strain-model Monte Carlo simulations. On a lattice mismatched substrate, the layer-by-layer gr...2012-01-01
8 Myers, Chris J.Utilizing stochastic model checking to analyze genetic circuitsWhen designing and analyzing genetic circuits, researchers are often interested in the probability of the system reaching a given state within a certain amount of time. Usually, this involves simulating the system to produce some time series data and analyzing this data to discern the state probabil...2012-01-01
9 Khan, Faisal HabibOutput impedance modeling of a multilevel modular switched-capacitor converter to achieve continuously variable conversion ratioThe multilevel modular capacitor clamped dc-to-dc converter (MMCCC) topology is completely modular and belongs to two-phase switched capacitor converter group. The conversion ratio of an ideal MMCCC converter in step-up mode is an integer and depends on the number of modules used. For a k-module MMC...2012-01-01
10 Khan, Faisal HabibQuantifying device degradation in live power converters using SSTDR assisted impedance MatrixA noninterfering measurement technique designed around spread spectrum time domain reflectometry (SSTDR) has been proposed in this paper to identify the level of aging associated with power semiconductor switches inside a live converter circuit. Power MOSFETs are one of the most age-sensitive compon...2014-01-01
11 Myers, Chris J.Using decision diagrams to compactly represent the state space for explicit model checkingThe enormous number of states reachable during explicit model checking is the main bottleneck for scalability. This paper presents approaches of using decision diagrams to represent very large state space compactly and efficiently. This is possible for asynchronous systems as two system states conne...2012-01-01
12 Khan, Faisal HabibUse of spread spectrum time domain reflectometry to estimate state of health of power convertersA new online measurement and analysis method has been presented in this paper to identify the state of health of power converter circuits. Using spread spectrum time domain reflectometry (SSTDR), impedance in the various current paths inside the converter as well as any fault can be identified witho...2012-01-01
13 Simpson, Jamesina J.Three-dimensional FDTD modeling of impulsive ELF propagation about the earth-sphereThis paper reports the application of an efficient finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) algorithm to model impulsive extremely low frequency (ELF) propagation within the entire Earth-ionosphere cavity. Periodic boundary conditions are used in conjunction with a three-dimensional latitude-longitude F...2004-01-01
14 Simpson, Jamesina J.Three-dimensional subwavelength confinement of a photonic nanojet using a plasmonic nano-antenna GAPUsing 3-D finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) modeling, a microsphere-generating nanojet and gold nanoantenna gap are optimized to achieve 3-D nanojet confinement to a subwavelength volume of about 0.009 μm3 (wherein the edges of the volume are defined at 1/e2 of the maximum electric-field intensi...2014-01-01
15 Tasdizen, TolgaThree-dimensional alignment and merging of confocal microscopy stacksWe describe an efficient, robust, automated method for image alignment and merging of translated, rotated and flipped confocal microscopy stacks. The samples are captured in both directions (top and bottom) to increase the SNR of the individual slices. We identify the overlapping region of the two s...2013-01-01
16 Rieth, Loren WTiO2-WO3 composite nanotubes from co-sputtered thin films on si substrate for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splittingElectrochemical anodization of a Ti-W nano-composite thin films deposited on a Si substrate by simultaneous magnetron sputtering of Ti and W resulted in the formation of TiO2-WO3 nanotubular arrays. A change in the morphology of TiO2-WO3 composite nanotubes with varying percentage of W in Ti-W compo...2014-01-01
17 Khan, Faisal HabibTransfer function mapping for a grid connected PV system using reverse synthesis techniqueMathematical modeling of power electronic converters is a historical problem. Numerous efforts have been documented in literature to model different converter topologies and their control schemes since the 1940s. Traditional modeling approaches avoid transfer function derivation due to high degree o...2013-01-01
18 Simpson, Jamesina J.Two-dimensional FDTD model of antipodal ELF propagation and schumann resonance of the earthThis letter reports the initial application of the finitedifference time-domain (FDTD) method to model extremely lowfrequency (ELF) propagation around the entire Earth. Periodic boundary conditions are used in conjunction with a variable-cell two-dimensional TM FDTD grid, which wraps around the comp...2002-01-01
19 Stevens, KennethInterfacing synchronous and asynchronous domains for open core protocolIntellectual property (IP) blocks are connected in a system on chip using a bus or network-on-chip (NoC). IP reuse is facilitated by the modularity that results when using common interfaces between the IP cores and the bus or NoC. This paper investigates and implements several versions of one of the...2014-01-01
20 Khan, Faisal HabibInterconnection and optimization issues of multijunction solar cells - A new mitigation approach using switching power convertersA multijunction solar cell can extract higher solar energy compared to a single junction solar cell using the spectrum splitting technique. Extensive research on efficiency enhancement of the solar cells to achieve near theoretical limit is in place. However, there are limited research activities to...2012-01-01
21 Furse, Cynthia M.Measurement and modeling of multiuser multiantenna system in aircraft in the presence of electromagnetic noise and interferenceThis paper evaluates the accuracy with which the performance of a multi-user multi-antenna system can be predicted with and without considering co-channel interference and noise (Gaussian, α- stable and Cauchy) using a site-specific 3D ray-tracing algorithm as well as with statistical models with G...2011-01-01
22 Khan, Faisal HabibMaximum power point tracking of stirling generator and ocean wave energy conversion systems using a two-stage power converterWave energy has become one of the most promising renewable energy resources nowadays. By using a linear generator/alternator, the periodic piston motion of the wave energy conversion system (WEC) can be converted to AC voltage with variable RMS amplitude and frequency; this process is comparable to ...2013-01-01
23 Simpson, Jamesina J.ELF radar system proposed for localized D-region ionospheric anomaliesThis letter proposes a novel extremely low frequency (ELF) radar for localized D-region (altitude < 95 km) ionospheric anomalies that have been generated by natural geophysical processes. The proposed system would use the former U.S. Navy Wisconsin Transmitting Facility as a distant well-characteriz...2006-01-01
24 Simpson, Jamesina J.Introducing a new method for FDTD modeling of electromagnetic wave propagation in magnetized plasmaComputational investigations of electromagnetic wave propagation in the upper atmosphere are important for studying space weather hazards, such as geomagnetically induced currents (GICs). GICs are currents generated in gas/oil pipelines, railroads, and electric power networks due to solar storms and...2014-01-01
25 Khan, Faisal HabibMagnetic stimulation of mammalian peripheral nerves in vivo: An alternative to functional electrical stimulationFunctional electrical stimulation is the current gold standard for stimulating neuronal interfaces for functional neuromuscular and cortical applications, but it is not without its drawbacks. One such fault is the need to have direct electrical contact with the nerve tissue, and any side effect...2014-01-01
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