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1 A study of the impact of mining on Utah's economy during the great depression1959ir_etdText
2 The Effects of Military Expenditure on Economic Development in Developing Countries: Structuralist Approach2018ir_etdText
3 The spatial distribution of socio-economic opportunity in the Salt Lake Metropolitan area1973ir_etdText
4 Essays on the Causes and Dynamic Effects of Oil Price Shocks2017ir_etdText
5 Three Essays on Income Distribution in the U.S. Economy2017ir_etdText
6 Essays on the indebtedness of U.S. households: a historical perspective2017ir_etdText
7 Three essays on country risk, productivity, and outward direct investment from developing economies2016ir_etdText
8 Gendered poverty in peasant households: a case study of northern mozambique2016ir_etdText
9 Three essays on economic behavior of business in the u.s. sports industry2016ir_etdText
10 Three essays on post-keynesian models of effective demand and income distribution2017ir_etdText
11 The conservation of the natural resources of the United States, as a national problems1913ir_etdText
12 Ideology and rhetoric in the textbook presentation of mainstream economics: the case of samuelson's "economics"2017ir_etdText
13 Domestic labor and wellbeing: the “evlatlik” institution in turkey2016ir_etdText
14 The labor market implications of unification between Albania and Kosovo2014-04ir_htoaText
15 The political economy of international terms of trade and agricultural sustainability: The case of Cuba2014-05ir_htoaText
16 Three essays on the social context of wealth accumulation and racial wealth inequality in the U.S.2016ir_etdText
17 The economic effects of legalizing marijuana2012-05ir_htoaText
18 Harmonization of EU-U.S. regulatory standards: challenges and opportunities2012-05ir_htoaText
19 The U.S. employment service as a two-sided platform and the role of subsidies in employer and job seeker participation2016ir_etdText
20 Household consumption, net worth, and the macroeconomics of asset price inflation2015ir_etdText
21 Information theory of the firm2015ir_etdText
22 Economic development with unlimited supplies of energy: causes and consequences of industrial revolutions2015ir_etdText
23 A macroeconomic model for determining yields on municipal bond market for states under u.s. monetary union2015-12ir_etdText
24 Social externalities of community college education2016-04ir_htoaText
25 Keynes as theorist and investor2016-04ir_htoaText
1 - 25 of 127