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1 The Many Faces of Introspection1992-04ir_computersaText
2 A front end user interface to a geometric modelling system1987-12ir_computersaText
3 ELA: A program to analyze logs of execution events1991-03ir_computersaText
4 A general model for the user interface of screen editors1983-03ir_computersaText
5 A graphical workstation and programming environment for data-driven computation1983-03ir_computersaText
6 An Analytical Approach to Computer Systems Scheduling1970-06ir_computersaText
7 Automated Detection of Delirium1994-12ir_computersaText
8 TWEAK: A three-dimensional toolkit and modeling system using snapping and constraints1996-12ir_computersaText
9 A User Interface Model and Tools for Geometric Designir_computersaText
10 Sketching with constraints1994-06ir_computersaText
11 Scheduling multiprogammed computer systems: an analytical approach1970ir_uspaceText
12 Optimal performance of distributed simulation programs1987ir_uspaceText
13 Re-visiting the performance impact of microarchitectural floorplanning2006ir_uspaceText
14 Efficient instruction level simulation of computers1987ir_uspaceText
15 Graphics applications for grid computing2003-03ir_uspaceText
16 The importance of unknows in Epidemiologic studies1985ir_uspaceText
17 A correctness criterion for asynchronous circuit validation and optimization1992ir_uspaceText
18 Exploiting eager register release in a redundantly multi-threaded processor2006ir_uspaceText
19 Fred: an architecture for a self-timed decoupled computer1995ir_uspaceText
20 Fred: an architecture for a self-timed decoupled computer1996ir_uspaceText
21 Profiling I/O interrupts in modern architectures1999ir_uspaceText
22 Sentinels: A concept for multiprocess coordination1978ir_uspaceText
23 Exploring the value of supporting multiple DSM protocols in Hardware DSM Controllers1999ir_uspaceText
24 Computer aided design1984ir_uspaceText
25 Surviving sensor network software faults2009-01-01ir_uspaceText
1 - 25 of 145