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1 A fast iterative method for a class of Hamilton-Jacobi equations on parallel systemsIn this paper we propose a novel computational technique, which we call the Fast Iterative Method (FIM), to solve a class of Hamilton- Jacobi (H-J) equations on massively parallel systems. The proposed method manages the list of active nodes and iteratively updates the solutions on those nodes u...Fast Iterative Method; FIM; Parallel systems2007
2 GORP: An object-oriented design for genomic objects, relationships and processesThe Eccles Institute for Human Genetics (EIHG) has developed a genomic database based on a novel level of abstraction. Objects, relationships, and processes are explicitly represented in an object model. This model has been implemented in a traditional relational database management system. Transla...Eccles Institute for Human Genetics; EIHG; GORP; Genomic databases; Object model1996
3 Anisotropic diffusion of surface normals for feature preserving surface reconstructionFor 3D surface reconstruction problems with noisy and incomplete range data measured from complex scenes with arbitrary topologies, a low-level representation, such as level set surfaces, is used. Such surface reconstruction is typically accomplished by minimizing a weighted sum of data-model dis...Anisotropic diffusion; Surface reconstruction2003-04-18
4 An introduction to the Sundance and AutoSlog systemsThis document describes the Sundance natural language processing system that has been developed at the University of Utah, as well as the AutoSlog and AutoSlog-TS extraction pattern learners that have been implemented on top of Sundance. Sundance is a shallow parser that also includes clause hand...Sundance system; AutoSlog system; Extraction pattern learners2004-11-08
5 Visual summary statisticsTraditionally, statistical summaries of categorical data often have been visualized using graphical plots of central moments (e.g., mean and standard deviation), or cumulants (e.g., median and quartiles) by box plots. In this work we reexamine the box plot and its relatives and develop a new hyb...Visual summary statistics; categorical data; box plot; hybrid summary plot2007
6 Computational sensor networksWe propose Computational Sensor Networks as a methodology to exploit models of physical phenomena in order to better understand the structure of the sensor network. To do so, it is necessary to relate changes in the sensed variables (e.g., temperature) to the aspect of interest in the sensor netw...Computational sensor networks2007
7 Maya: multiple-dispatch syntax extension in JavaWe have designed and implemented Maya, a version of Java that allows programmers to extend and reinterpret its syntax. Maya generalizes macro systems by treating grammar productions as generic functions, and semantic actions on productions as multimethods on the corresponding generic functions. P...Maya; Syntax extension2001-12-11
8 Sensory information processing and symbolic computation (1 Jan. 1975 - 30 June 1975)This research uses digital computation to investigate processes, both linear and nonlinear, for the filtering. restoration, enhancement, bandwidth reduction, distortion immunization and analysis of both visual and auditory information.Sensory information processing; Symbolic computation; Auditory information; Visual information1973
9 Tiler user's guideTiler is a special interactive editor used for designing VLSI circuits using the Path Programmable Logic (PPL) methodology. PPL cells are inserted into a rectangular grid by typing characters that represent the cells. Each available cell will have a character that represents it, but some characters ...Tiler; Interactive editor; VLSI circuits; Design; Path Programmable Logic; PPL1986
10 Low latency self-timed flow-through FIFOsSelf-timed flow-through FIFOs are constructed easily using only a single C-element as control for each stage of the FIFO. Throughput can be very high in this type of FIFO as the communication required to send new data to the FIFO is local to only the first element of the FIFO. Circuit density can ...1995
11 Provenance in scientific workflow systemsThe automated tracking and storage of provenance information promises to be a major advantage of scientific workflow systems. We discuss issues related to data and workflow provenance, and present techniques for focusing user attention on meaningful provenance through "user views," for managing the ...Workflow systems; Provenance2007
12 The avalanche myrinet simulation packageThis is a user manual for version 2.0 of the Myrinet simulation package. Users of the V2.0 package can specify arbitrary network topologies composed of Myrinet switches with different number of ports. For example, 4-port and 32-port switches can be used in a single system. Because the V2.0 model sup...Avalanche Myrinet; Simulation Package; User manual; Myrinet switches; port switches1996
13 Design-space exploration of most-recent-only communication using myrinet on SGI ccNUMA architecturesSGI's current ccNUMA multiprocessor architectures offer high scalability and performance without sacrificing the ease of use of simpler SMP systems. Although these systems also provide a standard PCI expansion bus, the bridging between PCI and SGI's ccNUMA architecture invalidates the assumptions ty...Most-recent-only communication; Myrinet; SGI; Communications latencies1999
14 MetaComm: a meta-directory for telecommunicationsA great deal of corporate data is buried in network devices - such as PBX messaging/email platforms, and data networking equipment - where it is difficult to access and modify. Typically, the data is only available to the device itself for its internal purposes and it must be administered using eith...MetaComm; Meta-Directories; Directory Enabled Networking; Data integration2000
15 Explicit-enumeration based verification made memory-efficientWe investigate techniques for reducing the memory requirements of a model checking tool employing explicit enumeration. Two techniques are studied in depth: (1) exploiting symmetries in the model, and (2) exploiting sequential regions in the model. The first technique resulted in a significant reduc...Verification; Model checking tool; Memory-efficient1995
16 Querying the webExpose attendees to key concepts and technologies for finding, querying and integrating information on the Web Identify technical challenges in designing systems that support Web queries Survey recent literature, and discuss interesting research directions.Webbase; Web navigation2000
17 Bridging the XML-relational divide with LegoDB: a demonstrationWe present LegoDB, a cost-based XML storage mapping engine that automatically explores a space of possible XML-to-relational mappings and selects an efficient mapping for a given application.LegoDB; Storage mappings2003
18 Improving communication between man and computers: some recent developments1967-10-11
19 Complexity of computing topological degree of Lipschitz functions in n dimensionsWe find lower and upper bounds on the complexity, comp(deg), of computing t h e topological degree of functions defined on the n-dimensional unit cube Cn, f : ?Cn Rn,n ? 2, which satisfy a Lipschitz condition with constant K and whose infinity norm at each point on t h e boundary of Cn is at least d...Lipschitz functions1986
20 Building databases for the computer-based memorization systemThe Computer-Based Memorization System (CBMS) consists of eight games used by students to memorize groups of related facts that are stored in an associative network. The instructional design is built into the games. Designing and implementing associative networks for the CBMS is very different from...Computer-Based Memorization System; CBMS1988
21 Cost-effective data-parallel load balancingLoad balancing algorithms improve a program's performance on unbalanced datasets, but can degrade performance on balanced datasets, because unnecessary load redistributions occur. This paper presents a cost-effective data-parallel load balancing algorithm which performs load redistributions only...Load balancing1995
22 Robust solid modeling by avoiding redundancy for manifold objects in boundary representationThis paper describes a new approach to the robustness problem in solid modeling. We identify as t h e main cause of t h e lack of robustness that interdependent topological relations are derived from approximate data. Disregarding the interdependencies very likely violates basic properties, such as...Robust solid modeling; Manifold objects; Boundary representation; Robustness problem1993
23 Active inspection and reverse engineeringWe propose a new design for inspection and reverse engineering environments. In particular, we investigate the use of discrete event dynamic systems (DEDS) to guide and control the active exploration and sensing of mechanical parts for industrial inspection and reverse engineering. We introduce dyn...Discrete event dynamic systems; DEDS; Industrial inspection1993
24 CAD-based roboticsWe describe an approach which facilitates and makes explicit the organization of the knowledge necessary to map robotic system requirements onto an appropriate assembly of algorithms, processors, sensor, and actuators. In order to achieve this mapping, several kinds of knowledge are needed. In this ...CAD-based robotics; CAD-based vision; CAGD System1987
25 Precision on demand: an improvement in probabilistic hashingIn explicit state (enumerative) model checking, state vectors are often represented in a compressed form in order to reduce storage needs, typically employing fingerprints, bithashes, or state signatures. When using this kind of techniques, it could happen that the compressed image of a nonvisite...Probabilistic hashing; Model checking2007
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