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1 Regehr, JohnEliminating stack overflow by abstract interpretationAn important correctness criterion for software running on embedded microcontrollers is stack safety: a guarantee that the call stack does not overflow. Our first contribution is a method for statically guaranteeing stack safety of interrupt-driven embedded software using an approach based on contex...2005-01-01
2 Hansen, Charles D.Evaluation of depth of field for depth perception in DVRIn this paper we present a user study on the use of Depth of Field for depth perception in Direct Volume Rendering. Direct Volume Rendering with Phong shading and perspective projection is used as the baseline. Depth of Field is then added to see its impact on the correct perception of ordinal depth...2013-01-01
3 Thompson, William B.Evaluating the accuracy of size perception in real and virtual environmentsAccurate perception of the size of 3D objects depicted on 2D desktop displays is important for many applications. Whether users perceive objects depicted on a display to be the same size as comparable real world objects is not well understood. We propose using affordances judgments as a way of measu...2012-01-01
4 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshFormal methods for surviving the jungle of heterogeneous parallelismThe parallel programming community will soon be entering the ‘jungle' of heterogeneous hardware and software. Unfortunately, we are not adequately preparing future programmers (today's students) to cope with the many challenges of heterogeneous concurrency, especially in their ability to rigorousl...2012-01-01
5 Regehr, JohnFrom the editor: real-time and embedded systems--teaching reliabilityCan we teach students to build reliable embedded software? Although it would be rash to say that a general agreement exists on how to teach embedded systems, there's certainly a growing understanding of the issues. For example, the excellent August 2005 issue of ACM Transactions on Embedded Computin...2006-01-01
6 Regehr, JohnInferring scheduling behavior with hourglassAlthough computer programs explicitly represent data values, time values are usually implicit. This makes it difficult to analyze and debug real-time programs whose correctness depends partially on the time at which results are computed. This paper shows how to use Hourglass, an instrumented, synthe...2002-01-01
7 Regehr, JohnMemory safety and untrusted extensions for TinyOSSensor network applications should be reliable. However, TinyOS, the dominant sensor net OS, lacks basic building blocks for reliable software systems: memory protection, isolation, and safe termination. These features are typically found in general-purpose operating systems but are believed to be t...2006-01-01
8 Balasubramonian, RajeevMemZip: exploring unconventional benefits from memory compressionMemory compression has been proposed and deployed in the past to grow the capacity of a memory system and reduce page fault rates. Compression also has secondary benefits: it can reduce energy and bandwidth demands. However, most prior mechanisms have been designed to focus on the capacity metric an...2014-01-01
9 Kasera, Sneha K.Energy efficient radio tomographic imagingIn this paper, our goal is to develop approaches to reduce the energy consumption in Radio Tomographic Imaging (RTI)-based methods for device free localization without giving up localization accuracy. Our key idea is to only measure those links that are near the current location of the moving object...2014-01-01
10 Balasubramonian, RajeevLeveraging heterogeneity in DRAM main memories to accelerate critical word accessThe DRAM main memory system in modern servers is largely homogeneous. In recent years, DRAM manufacturers have produced chips with vastly differing latency and energy characteristics. This provides the opportunity to build a heterogeneous main memory system where different parts of the address space...2012-01-01
11 Regehr, JohnLock inference for systems softwareWe have developed task scheduler logic (TSL) to automate reasoning about scheduling and concurrency in systems software. TSL can detect race conditions and other errors as well as supporting lock inference: the derivation of an appropriate lock implementation for each critical section in a system. L...2003-01-01
12 Regehr, JohnEvolving real-time systems using hierarchical scheduling and concurrency analysisWe have developed a new way to look at real-time and embedded software: as a collection of execution environments created by a hierarchy of schedulers. Common schedulers include those that run interrupts, bottom-half handlers, threads, and events. We have created algorithms for deriving response tim...2003-01-01
13 Eide, Eric NormanSecure disk scrubbing in a large-scale automated testbed2010-02-26
14 Flatt, MatthewPLT scheme as an intermediate language2010-02-26
15 Thulasinathan, Aravindan; Pascucci, Valerio; Tierny, JulienTopology Based Surface Meshing and MorphingMorphing is a seamless transition from one image to the other, used in animation and motion pictures. Mesh Parameterization used in this process is a fundamental tool used for domain remeshing. In case of 2-manifolds for example, most approaches require that the input mesh be cut into one or mor...2010-10-06
16 Balasubramonian, RajeevNDC: Analyzing the impact of 3D-stacked memory+logic devices on MapReduce workloadsWhile Processing-in-Memory has been investigated for decades, it has not been embraced commercially. A number of emerging technologies have renewed interest in this topic. In particular, the emergence of 3D stacking and the imminent release of Micron's Hybrid Memory Cube device have made it more pra...2014-01-01
17 Regehr, JohnOffline compression for on-chip RAMWe present offline RAM compression, an automated source-to-source transformation that reduces a program's data size. Statically allocated scalars, pointers, structures, and arrays are encoded and packed based on the results of a whole-program analysis in the value set and pointer set domains. We tar...2007-01-01
18 Regehr, JohnPh.D. Proposal: hierarchical loadable schedulersThe processors in workstations, personal computers, and servers are becoming increasingly powerful, enabling them to run new kinds of applications, and to simultaneously run combinations of applications that were previously infeasible. However, fast hardware is not enough-the operating system must e...1999-01-01
19 Freire, JulianaSiphoning hidden-web data through keyword-based interfacesIn this paper, we study the problem of automating the retrieval of data hidden behind simple search interfaces that accept keyword-based queries. Our goal is to automatically retrieve all available results (or, as many as possible). We propose a new approach to siphon hidden data that automatically ...2004-01-01
20 Regehr, JohnUsing hierarchical scheduling to support soft real-time applications in general-purpose operating systemsThe CPU schedulers in general-purpose operating systems are designed to provide fast response time for interactive applications and high throughput for batch applications. The heuristics used to achieve these goals do not lend themselves to scheduling real-time applications, nor do they meet other s...2001-01-01
21 Kirby, Robert MichaelVerifying volume rendering using discretization error analysisWe propose an approach for verification of volume rendering correctness based on an analysis of the volume rendering integral, the basis of most DVR algorithms. With respect to the most common discretization of this continuous model (Riemann summation), we make assumptions about the impact of parame...2014-01-01
22 Regehr, JohnVertically integrated analysis and transformation for embedded softwareProgram analyses and transformations that are more aggressive and more domain-specific than those traditionally performed by compilers are one possible route to achieving the rapid creation of reliable and efficient embedded software. We are creating a new framework for Vertically Integrated Program...2003-01-01
23 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshOvis: A framework for visual analysis of ocean forecast ensemblesWe present a novel integrated visualization system that enables interactive visual analysis of ensemble simulations of the sea surface height that is used in ocean forecasting. The position of eddies can be derived directly from the sea surface height and our visualization approach enables their int...2014-01-01
24 Sudan, KshitijOptimizing datacenter power with memory system levers for guaranteed quality-of-serviceCo-location of applications is a proven technique to improve hardware utilization. Recent advances in virtualization have made co-location of independent applications on shared hardware a common scenario in datacenters. Colocation, while maintaining Quality-of-Service (QoS) for each application is a...2012-01-01
25 Berzins, MartinParallel breadth first search on GPU clustersFast, scalable, low-cost, and low-power execution of parallel graph algorithms is important for a wide variety of commercial and public sector applications. Breadth First Search (BFS) imposes an extreme burden on memory bandwidth and network communications and has been proposed as a benchmark that m...2014-01-01
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