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1 Del Fiol, GuilhermeHeuristics in managing complex clinical decision tasks in experts decision makingBackground: Clinical decision support is a tool to help experts make optimal and efficient decisions. However, little is known about the high level of abstractions in the thinking process for the experts. Objective: The objective of the study is to understand how clinicians manage complexity while...2014-01-01
2 Narus, Scott P.Birth of identity: Understanding changes to birth certificates and their value for identity resolutionIntroduction Identity information is often used to link records within or among information systems in public health and clinical settings. The quality and stability of birth certificate identifiers impacts both the success of linkage efforts and the value of birth certificate registries for identit...2014-01-01
3 Del Fiol, GuilhermeClinical questions raised by providers in the care of older adults: a prospective observational studyObjective: To characterise clinical questions raised by providers in the care of complex older adults in order to guide the design of interventions that can help providers answer these questions. Materials and methods: To elicit clinical questions, we observed and audio recorded outpatient visits at...2014-01-01
4 Brooks, Stuart M.Surveillance of Respiratory HazardsBiomedical Informatics1982
5 Andrews, Robert D.Portable Computers Used in Respiratory Care ChartingBiomedical Informatics1988
6 Bennett, Donald R.Routine Transmission of Elecetroencephalograms by Telephone from a Distant CommunityBiomedical Informatics1970
7 Bennett, Donald R.Current Status of EEG Telephone TelemetryBiomedical Informatics1974
8 Bradshaw, Karen E.Development of a Computerized Laboratory Alerting SystemBiomedical Informatics1989
9 Bradshaw, Karen E.Computer-Based Data Entry for Nurses in the ICUBiomedical Informatics1989
10 Burton, CharlesBiomedical Instrumentation in the Soviet UnionBiomedical Informatics1977
11 Bennett, Donald R.A Model for the Telephone Transmission of Six-Channel ElectroencephalogramsBiomedical Informatics1970
12 Gardner, Reed M.Computers in the Intensive Care Unit: The Clinical ChallengeBiomedical Informatics1992
13 Clemmer, Terry P.Medical Informatics in the Intensive Care Unit: State of the Art 1991Biomedical Informatics1991
14 Clemmer, Terry P.Introduction to Computers in MonitoringBiomedical Informatics1995
15 Bradshaw, Karen E.Physician Decision-Making: Evaluaton of Data Used in a Computerized ICUBiomedical Informatics1984
16 Boyer, Richard S.Hypersensitivity Lung Disease in the Turkey Raising IndustryBiomedical Informatics1974
17 Bradshaw, Karen E.Improving Efficiency and Quality in a Computerized ICUBiomedical Informatics1988
18 Cannon, Scott R.Experience with a Computerized Interactive Protocol System Using HELPBiomedical Informatics1980
19 Clayton, Paul D.Presentation of the Morris F. Collen Award to Homer R. Warner, MD, PhD: "Why Not! Let's Do It!"Biomedical Informatics1995
20 Clayton, Paul D.Sharing Medical Knowledge for Automated Decision-MakingBiomedical Informatics1988
21 Clayton, Paul D.Representing a Medical Knowledge Base for Multiple UsesBiomedical Informatics1987
22 Haug, Peter J.Clinical Decision Support at Intermountain HealthcareBiomedical Informatics2007
23 Clayton, Paul D.Building a Comprehensive Clinical Information System from Components: The Approach at Intermountain Health CareBiomedical Informatics2003
24 Clayton, Paul D.Emerging Standards for Medical LogicBiomedical Informatics1990
25 Haug, Peter J.Hospital-Based Decision SupportBiomedical Informatics1998
1 - 25 of 420