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1 Accident - North Temple & Main1957-02-08Image/StillImage
2 Adamson, Alex G. -Shot 11957-05-03Image/StillImage
3 Adamson, Alex G. -Shot 21957-05-03Image/StillImage
4 Altrusa Club: Block, Margaret E. -Shot 11957-06-07Image/StillImage
5 Altrusa Club: Block, Margaret E. -Shot 21957-06-07Image/StillImage
6 Beasley, Marlene -Shot 11957-05-02Image/StillImage
7 Beasley, Marlene -Shot 21957-05-02Image/StillImage
8 Beeley, Mrs. Arthur L. -Shot 11957-12-24Image/StillImage
9 Beeley, Mrs. Arthur L. -Shot 21957-12-24Image/StillImage
10 Beet Growers Association: Bennett, Melvin1957-12-04Image/StillImage
11 Beet Growers Association: Carson, William; Bennett, Melvin; Blake, Richard W.1957-12-04Image/StillImage
12 Bills, Maloy R. -Shot 11957-05-14Image/StillImage
13 Bills, Maloy R. -Shot 21957-05-14Image/StillImage
14 Bills, Maloy R. -Shot 31957-05-14Image/StillImage
15 Bills, Maloy R. -Shot 41957-05-14Image/StillImage
16 Blair, Berdell L. -Shot 11957-04-28Image/StillImage
17 Blair, Berdell L. -Shot 21957-04-28Image/StillImage
18 Breeze, Roy F. -Shot 11957-05-09Image/StillImage
19 Brown, James Marvin -Shot 11957-08-21Image/StillImage
20 Brown, James Marvin -Shot 21957-08-21Image/StillImage
21 Christiansen, J. M.1957-10-26Image/StillImage
22 Clark, Jill (copy) -Shot 11957-05-01Image/StillImage
23 Clark, Jill (copy) -Shot 21957-05-01Image/StillImage
24 Clay, Mrs. Billie; Romney, Comm. L. C. -Shot 11957-06-26Image/StillImage
25 Clay, Mrs. Billie; Romney, Comm. L. C. -Shot 21957-06-26Image/StillImage
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