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1 "Chimneys" about 20 miles below Green River, Wyoming. (6)1922-07-13uum_map_rr
2 "Gold Point" above Ashley Falls, Red Canyon. (22)1922-07-24uum_map_rr
3 About 1500 feet below head of Red Canyon. (16)1922-07-20uum_map_rr
4 Ashley Falls, (down). (23)1922-07-24uum_map_rr
5 Ashley Falls, Red Canyon. (24)1922-07-24uum_map_rr
6 Ashley Falls. (25)1922-07-24uum_map_rr
7 At dam, above Green River, Utah. (103)1922-09-13uum_map_rr
8 At dam, Green River, Utah. (102)1922-09-13uum_map_rr
9 Bad rapid near head Lodore Canyon. "Utah" boat striking rock. (36)1922-08-01uum_map_rr
10 Beehive Point at mouth of Kingfisher Canyon. (15)1922-07-19uum_map_rr
11 Boat, "Wyoming", in rapid, Red Canyon.1922-07-27uum_map_rr
12 The boats: Colorado, Utah, Wyoming. (3)1922-07-12; 1922-07-13uum_map_rr
13 Camp above Dinosaur quarry. (76)1922-08-20uum_map_rr
14 Camp at Lower Marsh Creek, 51 miles below Green River, Wyo. (8)1922-07-14uum_map_rr
15 Camp at mouth of Sage Creek, about 26 miles below Green River, Wyo. (7)1922-07-13uum_map_rr
16 Camp down Ladore Canyon. (49)1922-08-04; 1922-08-05uum_map_rr
17 Camp McPherson's ranch, Desolation Canyon, GreenRiver. (89)1922-09-09uum_map_rr
18 Camp Red Canyon, mouth of Carter Cr. (17)1922-07-20uum_map_rr
19 Chandler Creek Rapid, Desolation Canyon. (84)1922-09-08uum_map_rr
20 Chandler Creek Rapid, Desolation Canyon. (85)1922-09-08uum_map_rr
21 Dam at mouth of Grey Canyon. (93)1922-09-12; 1922-09-13uum_map_rr
22 Dam-site below Three Canyon, Green River. (86a)1922-09-08uum_map_rr
23 Desolation Canyon Rapid, about 3 miles above Rock Creek. (82)1922-09-07uum_map_rr
24 Dinosaur quarry. (75)1922-08-20uum_map_rr
25 Down - .5 mile above mouth Split Mt. Canyon. (64)1922-08-17uum_map_rr
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