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1 Atypical ocular motor features (gaze-evoked nystagmus) in PSP2017Image/MovingImage
2 Bilateral INOs Due to Stroke2020-04Image/MovingImage
3 Bilateral riMLF syndrome causing vertical saccadic palsy and loss of ipsitorsional fast phases2020-09Image/MovingImage
4 Cerebellar eye signs in SCA82016Image/MovingImage
5 Chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia (CPEO) and cerebellar signs2017Image/MovingImage
6 Complete Saccadic Palsy Due to Pulmonary Thrombectomy2020Image/MovingImage
7 ConvergenceImage/MovingImage
8 Gaze-Evoked Nystagmus & Slow Saccades Due to Anti-GAD Antibodies in a Patient with Stiff Person Syndrome2020-04Image/MovingImage
9 HINTS Exam and Saccadic Dysmetria in Lateral Medullary Stroke2018-02Image/MovingImage
10 INO in multiple sclerosisImage/MovingImage
11 INOs in strokeImage/MovingImage
12 Mesodiencephalic Stroke Causing Unilateral riMLF and INC Ocular Motor Syndromes2018-12Image/MovingImage
13 Monocular downbeat nystagmus due to a posterior fossa cyst2017Image/MovingImage
14 Nystagmus due to paraneoplastic (anti-Yo) brainstem and cerebellar degeneration2017Image/MovingImage
15 Ocular Motor Signs in Brainstem Demyelinating Disease - Spontaneous Upbeat, Vertical Gaze-Evoked Nystagmus, Slow Saccades, Bilateral Vestibular Loss, INOs2020-04Image/MovingImage
16 Ocular Motor Signs in Early Progressive Supranuclear Palsy2017-12Image/MovingImage
17 One-and-a-Half Syndrome Due to Pontine Hemorrhage2017Image/MovingImage
18 PSP with Vertical Gaze Palsy, Abnormal Optokinetic Nystagmus and Inability to Suppress Blinking to Light2020-04Image/MovingImage
19 Paraflocculus (Tonsillar) Ocular Motor Syndrome and Dysmetria in a Chiari Malformation - Pre and Post-Operative Exams2020Image/MovingImage
20 Parinaud's syndrome in a man with GBM of the pineal glandImage/MovingImage
21 Parinaud's syndrome with impaired upward saccades and otherwise normal vertical eye movementsImage/MovingImage
22 Pendular Nystagmus and Ocular Motor Signs in MS2017Image/MovingImage
23 Pseudo-INOs in myasthenia gravis2016Image/MovingImage
24 SaccadesImage/MovingImage
25 Saccadic Hypermetria and Ipsipulsion (Behind Closed Eyelids and with Vertical Saccades)2018Image/MovingImage
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