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1 "Every least thing": reading Cormac McCarthy's literary ecologies for a practice of thinking ethics2015Textir_etd
2 "No one know": untold narratives of Southeast Asian American student success2018Textir_etd
3 "Nobody can give from an empty vessel": a qualitative study on self-care for women activists in counseling psychology2016Textir_etd
4 "On-task in a box": a validation study examining an evidence-based package intervention for increasing rates of on-task behavior and academic performance2013Textir_etd
5 "Popular" vs. "award-winning" literature for children2016-03Textir_htoa
6 "Superheroes in the resource room": a study examining implemention of the superhero social skills program by a resource teacher with students with externalizing behavior problems2012Textir_etd
7 "Superheroes social skills": an initial study examining an evidence-based program for elementary-aged students with autism spectrum disorders in a school setting2012-05Textir_etd
8 "That's my experience": negotiating what it means to be "Indian" in a school counseling program2016Textir_etd
9 "What if they fill this position with a man?": a feminist exploration of women outdoor leaders in higher education2018Textir_etd
10 "You have no life other than that, so you better like what you're doing": a feminist phenomenology of women in undergraduate engineering majors2016Textir_etd
11 20 ways to maximize the use of single switch technology with students with severe disabilites2006Textir_uspace
12 A case study of community cultural wealth among "mountain west" chicana/o college students2015-05Textir_etd
13 A checklist for outstanding teaching of first grade literacy2013-05Textir_htoa
14 A Comparative Study of Stewart Junior High School graduates and conventional Junior High School graduates on the High School level1957Textir_etd
15 A comparison of attitudes of parents and students toward sex education as taught at Highland High School1970Textir_etd
16 A comparison of good and poor readers among full-blood Ute Indian children on factors relating to the home and school1965-06Textir_etd
17 A comparison of the performance of Ute Indian and White children on verbal and non-verbal tests1960Textir_etd
18 A comparison of two schools with additional training in evidence-based practices to two schools without added training: effects, student outcomes, and teacher perceptions of skills and practices2011-08Textir_etd
19 A critical case study of peer mediation at an alternative high school2014-05Textir_etd
20 A dance between concepts: integration of science and movement2018Textir_htoa
21 A follow-up study of the Utah School of Alcohol studies1963Textir_etd
22 A forced choice method for evaluating instruction in higher education2017Textir_etd
23 A genealogy of Utah 's H.B. 144 (2002): understanding policy text malleability and interrogating racist nativism and legality blindness in policy enactment2019Textir_etd
24 A handbook on creative dramatics for the elementary teacher1976Textir_htca
25 A history of the education of the Ute Indians, 1847-1905.1972Textir_etd
1 - 25 of 413