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1 A new approach to the study of sexual violence: development and psychometric properties of a preliminary multi-item research instrument assessing rape-resistant attitudes2019Textir_etd
2 Understanding refugee youth education incorporation: a sociological exploration of Social Capital2019Textir_etd
3 The promise and the practive of shared decision making in palliative are: a qualitative study2018Textir_etd
4 Factorial ecology: A study of the spatial distribution of social characteristics in the Salt Lake City Urban area1973Textir_etd
5 Mental health of proselyting missionaries1971Textir_etd
6 "Determined to make righteous homes": LDS expressions of masculinity in emerging adulthood2017Textir_htca
7 Undocumented Undergraduates in the Utah System of Higher Education2017Textir_htoa
8 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Views on Homosexuality and How it Relates to Labeling Theory2019Textir_htoa
9 An Analysis of the Court of Arbitration system: Status & Power Through the Lens of Laugther2020Textir_htoa
10 History of the Utah State Hospital, Provo : a study of the evolution of public care for the mentally ill1948Textir_etd
11 "Making Do" in the land of opportunity: an exploration of the economic integration of refugees in Utah2018Textir_etd
12 Contraceptive Care in Jail: Reproductive Justice for Incarcerated Women2018Textir_etd
13 Development and the Environment in China: A Multilevel Analysis 2004-20132018Textir_etd
14 Environmentally Induced Migration in Fiji2018Textir_etd
15 Female labor force participation : Economic and religious trends in Utah, 1940-1970.1974Textir_etd
16 Urban polarization in the United States over time and space2017Textir_etd
17 Alternative medicine in the United States health care system1998Textir_htca
18 Utilization of Utah State Division of Health laboratory for identification of streptococci in throat cultures1975Textir_htca
19 Environmental Inequality and Obesogenics: Understanding the Relationship Between Unequal Exposure to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Obesity Prevalence2017Textir_etd
20 Religious commitment and ethnic prejudice1972Textir_htca
21 Intergenerational relationships: How norms relate to intergenerational support and well-being2016Textir_etd
22 A sociological study of Mexican assimilation in Salt Lake City1947Textir_etd
23 Female inmate sexual health literacy and disparities in the Salt Lake County jail2014-05Textir_htoa
24 Interest changes within the sorority system on the University of Utah campus1967-06Textir_htca
25 "We did not give up on anyone": Feuerstein and his work1998-06Textir_htca
1 - 25 of 138