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1 "Do not touch" sign, Hogle Zoo [1]2020-05Imageuum_uc19
2 "Do not touch" sign, Hogle Zoo [2]2020-05Imageuum_uc19
3 African Elephant, Zoo -Shot 11967-07-13Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
4 African Elephant, Zoo -Shot 21967-07-13Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
5 African Elephant, Zoo -Shot 31967-07-13Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
6 African Elephant, Zoo -Shot 41967-07-13Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
7 African Elephant, Zoo -Shot 51967-07-13Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
8 African Elephant, Zoo -Shot 61967-07-13Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
9 African Elephant, Zoo -Shot 71967-07-13Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
10 African Elephant, Zoo -Shot 81967-07-13Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
11 African Elephant, Zoo -Shot 91967-07-13Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
12 Arctic Fox, Zoo -Shot 11964-11-23Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
13 Arctic Fox, Zoo -Shot 21964-11-23Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
14 Arctic Fox, Zoo -Shot 31964-11-23Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
15 Baby Bison, Zoo -Shot 11963-04-05Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
16 Baby Bison, Zoo -Shot 21963-04-05Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
17 Baby Bison, Zoo -Shot 31963-04-05Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
18 Baby Elephant, Camels, Zoo1967-07-29Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
19 Baby Elephant, Zoo1967-07-29Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
20 Bear Grottos, Zoo -Shot 11964-08-01Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
21 Bear Grottos, Zoo -Shot 21964-08-01Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
22 Bear Grottos, Zoo -Shot 31964-08-01Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
23 Bear Grottos, Zoo -Shot 41964-08-01Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
24 Bear Grottos, Zoo -Shot 51964-08-01Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
25 Bear Grottos, Zoo -Shot 61964-08-01Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
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