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1 Aimee Lynette Lauritsen1973Imagedha_pour
2 Aimee Lynette Lauritsen, James Edward Lauristen, and Suzanne Lauritsen Checketts1978Imagedha_pour
3 Aimee Lynette Lauritsen, Lezlie Lyn Lauritzen-Wright, Verna Lou Wells Lauritsen, Tiffany Hansen Lauritsen, and Suzanne Lauritsen Checketts on Thanksgiving Day1989-11-23Imagedha_pour
4 Carolina, Georgia, and Ginger Dalton on a horse with Yancy, Val, and Gina standing in front1951Imagedha_pour
5 Correspondence from Aurelia Spencer Rodgers to Ellen Spencer Clawson, 1879-18821879-04-11; 1882-05-21Textuum_hbcp
6 Correspondence from Edith Helen Clawson Knowlton, 1880-18941880-01-04; 1881-11-04; 1894-08-12; 1894-08-17; 1894-08-27Textuum_hbcp
7 Correspondence from Edna Clawson Tibbits, 1872-1899 [02]1879-08-18; 1879-08-23; 1881-07-13; 1880-09-01; 1879-08-27; 1879-08-26; 1881-11-02; 1881-11-05; 1883-02-02; 1888-08-17; 1892-08-14; 1899-07-29Textuum_hbcp
8 Daniel Glade Young photograph album page 21959; 1960; 1961; 1962; 1963; 1964; 1965; 1966; 1967; 1968; 1969Image; Textdha_pour
9 Edith Blank Garcia and her brother, Thomas Blank1957Imagedha_pour
10 Edith Blank Garcia and her sister, Patricia Blank1952Imagedha_pour
11 Lauritsen family photo with Navajo Nation student, Hazel Yazzie Wilson1980Imagedha_pour
12 Lezlie Lyn Lauritsen, Suzanne Lauritsen Checketts, and James Edward Lauritsen on Thanksgiving Day1989-11-23Imagedha_pour
13 Lezlie Lyn Lauritsen-Wright1973Imagedha_pour
14 Lezlie Lyn Lauritsen-Wright, James Edward Lauritsen born, Suzanne Lauritsen Checketts, and Aimee Lynette Lauritsen,1978Imagedha_pour
15 Mary Nehm with her sister, nieces and nephew at Koa I Dang Camp in Thailand1980-12-04Imagedha_pour
16 Mary Nehm with sister's family at Chonburi Camp in Thailand1981-05-01Imagedha_pour
17 Mary Nehm with sister's family at Koa I Dang Camp in Thailand1980-10-28Imagedha_pour
18 Oral history interview with Barry Simpson2010-05-01Text; Sounddha_uhsoh
19 Oral history interview with Betsy Alford by Daniel Rhode2009-10-16Text; Sounddha_uhsoh
20 Oral history interview with Carma Roberts by Leslie Courtright2009-10-17Textdha_uhsoh
21 Oral history interview with Connie Van Hook, R.N. by Kathryn MacKay2002-07-17Textdha_uhsoh
22 Oral history interview with Heidi Redd2009-01-22Text; Sounddha_uhsoh
23 Oral history interview with Leah G. Jones by Ellen N. Yates [Transcript and Audio]2012-01-08Text; Sounddha_uhsoh
24 Oral history interview with Leah G. Jones by Ellen N. Yates [Video]2012-01-08Image/MovingImagedha_uhsoh
25 Romero Family1965Imagedha_pour
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