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1 Botterill Auto Co., Auto Upside Down in Display Room1923-01-17Image/StillImagedha_scnpp
2 Capitol Brass Foundry, Aluminum Plates for Automobile1920-02-06Image/StillImagedha_scnpp
3 Chevorlet Motors, Sharman Auto Co.Parts Dept.1934-05-01Image/StillImagedha_scnpp
4 Chevorlet Motors, Sharman Auto Co.Parts Display1934-05-01Image/StillImagedha_scnpp
5 Chevrolet Motor Company1934-01-15Image/StillImagedha_scnpp
6 Firestone Tire and Rubber Company1926-01-27Image/StillImagedha_scnpp
7 Firestone Tire and Rubber Company1926-01-31Image/StillImagedha_scnpp
8 Fronk Motor Parts Dept., Jan. 19381938-01-20Imagedha_cbfm
9 Karl Winter1937-07-10Image/StillImagedha_scnpp
10 Karl Winters1926-05-03Image/StillImagedha_scnpp
11 Layton Motor Parts Dept., Apr. 19371937-04-20Imagedha_cbfm
12 Layton Parts Dept., Mar. 19371937-03-29Imagedha_cbfm
13 Magna Parts Dept., Mar. 19371937-03-27Imagedha_cbfm
14 New Store at Cottonwood Mall, Zinik's, F. G. Ferre & Son1962-10-10Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
15 Parts Department, July 19371937-07-08Imagedha_cbfm
16 Parts Dept., Sept. 19381938-09-26Imagedha_cbfm
17 Parts Display at Streator, Nov. 19361936-11-07Imagedha_cbfm
18 Parts Display at Streator, Nov. 19361936-11-07Imagedha_cbfm
19 Parts Trailer, July 19371937-07-08Imagedha_cbfm
20 Parts Trailer, July 19371937-07-08Imagedha_cbfm
21 Parts Trailer, July 19371937-07-08Imagedha_cbfm
22 Plymouth Seday, Feb. 19361936-02-26Imagedha_cbfm
23 Riverton Motor Co. Parts Dept., Mar. 19371937-03-08Imagedha_cbfm
24 Sharman Auto Company1934-05-22Image/StillImagedha_scnpp
25 Skid Evans Incorproated1927-12-07Image/StillImagedha_scnpp
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