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1 Map of Park City Mines, including Uintah, Blue Ledge, Snake Creek, American Fork, and Big and Little Cottonwood mining districts, Utah1908uum_rbcImage
2 Dictionary of the English Language, Vol. 21785uum_rbcText
3 Dictionary of the English Language, Vol. I1785uum_rbcText
4 Principles of Scientific Management1911uum_rbcText
5 Constantine the Great; a Tragedy1684uum_rbcText
6 Epsom-wells : a comedy acted at the Duke's Theatre1687uum_rbcText
7 Indian Emperour, or, The conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards1667uum_rbcText
8 Secret-love, or The Maiden-Queen1679uum_rbcText
9 Short view of the immorality and profaneness of the English stage1698uum_rbcText
10 Short view of tragedy; it's original, excellency, and corruption. With some reflections on Shakespear, and other practitioners for the stage1693uum_rbcImage
11 Sophonisba : or, Hannibal's overthrow1685uum_rbcText
12 Souldiers Fortune. A comedy. Acted by their Majesties servants at the Theatre Royal.1687uum_rbcText
13 Spanish Fryar, or, The double discovery ...1686uum_rbcText
14 Traité élémentaire théorique et pratique de l'art de la danse1820uum_rbcText
15 De la danse : considérée sous le rapport de l'éducation physique1830uum_rbcText
16 Life of David Garrick, esq. Vol. 21801uum_rbcText
17 Oedipus : a tragedy. As it is acted at His Royal Highness the Duke's theatre1687uum_rbcText
18 Lettres et entretiens sur la danse ancienne, moderne, religieuse, civile, et théâtrale1824uum_rbcText
19 Hommes illustres qui ont paru en France pendant ce siecle: avec leurs portraits au naturel1696uum_rbcText
20 Embassy from the East-India company of the United Provinces, to the Grand Tartar Cham : Emperour of China1669uum_rbcText
21 Life of David Garrick, esq. Vol. 11801uum_rbcText
22 Essay towards an history of dancing, in which the whole art and its various excellencies are in some measure explain'd : containing the several sorts of dancing1712uum_rbcText
23 Atheist: or, The second part of the Souldiers fortune1684uum_rbcText
24 Fêtes d'Hébé; ou, Les talents liriques, ballet, mis en musique par M. Rameau, et réprésenté pour la premiere fois, par l'Académie Royale de Musique, au mois de May 17391739uum_rbcText
25 Femmes vengees1775uum_rbcText
1 - 25 of 259