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1 Harrison, Reid R.CMOS imager with on-chip temporal filtering for motion pre-processingRobust motion detection algorithms such as the motion energy model require temporal filtering at the pixel level. We have designed and tested a CMOS imager with integrated, pixel-level temporal filtering necessary for motion detection. This temporal filtering enhances transients and provides a ...2002-01-01
2 Bedrov, Dmitro; Smith, Grant D.Thermodynamic, transport and viscoelastic properties of PBX-9501 binder: a molecular dynamics simulation studyAtomistic molecular dynamics simulations were performed on a low molecular weight nitroplasticized Estane® mixture representative of the binder used in PBX-9501. Pressurevolume-temperature (PVT) behavior over a wide range of pressure and temperatures above the order-disorder temperature (ODT) of Es...PBX-9501 binder; Estane; Viscosity; Shear stress relaxation modulus2008-04-04
3 Johnston, Susan S.Developing an initial communicative repertoire: applications and issues for persons with severe disabilitiesResearchers and practitioners are increasingly aware of the extent of communicative relationships very early in development. Advances in understanding how communication develops and how it can be taught have made earlier communication intervention a viable undertaking for infants and toddlers who ex...Intervention; Context; Communicative functions1993
4 Millgram, ElijahJonathan Lear, Love and it's place in nature and Open minded: working out the logic of the soulIt's not hard to imagine why Love and Its Place in Nature (now in a second edition, with a new preface by the author) has, in the decade or so it has been in print, received less attention from the philosophical community than it deserves. Its subtitle announces it as a "A Philosophical Interpretati...Philosophy; Book Review2006-09-19
5 Myers, Chris J.Timed state space exploration using POSETsAbstract-This paper presents a new timing analysis algorithm for efficient state space exploration during the synthesis of timed circuits or the verification of timed systems. The source of the computational complexity in the synthesis or verification of a timed system is in finding the reachable ti...2000
6 Goller, FranzVorkommen und Brut des Bienenfressers (Merops apiaster) in Osttirol (Österreich) (Aves: Meropidae)Synopsis: The first record of Bee-eater for the Eastern Tyrol is imparted by KL1MSCH (1950), three further observations are mentioned. In 1983 a breeding place was discovered near Lavant in about 650 m NN. Feeding adults were watched on the 11th and 12th of August. The breeding place is briefly desc...Merops apiaster; Meropidae; Tyrol1984
7 Mathews, V. JohnAdaptive lattice bilinear filtersAbstract-This paper presents two fast least squares lattice algorithms for adaptive nonlinear filters equipped with bilinear system models. Bilinear models are attractive for adaptive filtering applications because they can approximate a large class of nonlinear systems adequately, and usually with...1993
8 Dibble, Leland E.Eccentric exercise versus usual-care with older cancer survivors: the impact on muscle and mobility- an exploratory pilot studyBackground: Resistance exercise programs with high compliance are needed to counter impaired muscle and mobility in older cancer survivors. To date outcomes have focused on older prostate cancer survivors, though more heterogeneous groups of older survivors are in-need. The purpose of this explorat...2011
9 Anderson, Richard BryanIMHBCO (In my humble but correct opinion): the journal issue and the record album: two fundamentally irrational information productsOver the past few years I've become more and more convinced that the scholarly information world has a lot to learn from the music industry. Not so much from what the latter is doing either right or wrong, but from what has happened to it over the past 100 years, how it has happened, and why. From ...2009
10 Boehme, ChristophElectrical detection of spin coherence in siliconExperimental evidence is presented showing that photocurrents in silicon can be used as highly sensitive readout probes for coherent spin states of localized electrons, the prime candidates for quantum bits in various semiconductor based quantum computer concepts. Conduction electrons are subjected ...Spin coherence; Electronic transitions; Rabi oscillation2003-12
11 Olivera, Baldomero M.; McIntosh, J. Michael; Hillyard, David R.A-superfamily of conotoxins: structural and functional divergenceThe generation of functional novelty in proteins encoded by a gene superfamily is seldom well documented. In this report, we define the A-conotoxin superfamily, which is widely expressed in venoms of the predatory cone snails (Conus), and show how gene products that diverge considerably in stru...Conotoxins; A-superfamily conotoxin2004-02-03
12 Liu, FengSimple generic method for predicting the effect of strain on surface diffusionWe show, by first-principles calculations, that the effect of external strain on surface diffusion is inherently correlated with the intrinsic surface stress induced by the adatom along its diffusion pathways. We demonstrate a simple generic method for a priori predicting quantitatively how an ext...Surface diffusion; First-principles calculations; Adatoms2001-11
13 Stringfellow, Gerald B.; Shurtleff, James KevinHeterostructures in GaInP grown using a change in Te dopingIn organometallic vapor phase epitaxy, changes in growth conditions can be used to modulate the extent of CuPt ordering and, hence, the band gap energy of GaInP. One method is to add Te during growth. An increase in the band gap energy of 0.1 eV due to a decrease in ordering has been obtained by ...Heterostructures; Alloys2000
14 Shapiro, Michael D.Adaptive evolution of pelvic reduction in sticklebacks by recurrent deletion of a Pitx1 enhancerThe molecular mechanisms underlying major phenotypic changes that have evolved repeatedly in nature are generally unknown. Pelvic loss in different natural populations of threespine stickleback fish has occurred by regulatory mutations deleting a tissue-specific enhancer of the Pituitary homeobox t...Adaptive evolution; Pelvic reduction; Pituitary homeobox transcription factor 1; Pitx1; Gasterosteus aculeatus2010-01-14
15 Mishchenko, EugeneOptical conductivity of a two-dimensional electron liquid with spin-orbit interactionThe interplay of electron-electron interactions and spin-orbit coupling leads to a new contribution to the homogeneous optical conductivity of the electron liquid. The latter is known to be insensitive to many-body effects for a conventional electron system with parabolic dispersion. The parabolic...Optical conductivity; Electron liquid; Spin-orbit coupling2006-08
16 Subrahmanyam, P.A.FUNLOG = functions + logic: a computational model integrating logic programming and functional programming (Rev. May 1983)Funlog, a computational model which attempts to integrate functional programming and logic programming is described. The model supports computations with infinite data structures without the introduction of complex control issues at the user-level. Control characteristics are improved as compared wi...FUNLOG; Functional programming; Logic programming1983
17 Miller, Jan D.Flotation chemistry of nonsulfide mineralsThe dimensions of nonsulfide flotation technology extend in many different directions, as might be expected from the diversity of t he mineral classes, which include soluble salt minerals (potash, borax, and trona), semi-soluble salt minerals (phosphate minerals, fluorite, calcite, and barite), ins...Nonsulfide minerals; Hydrophobic surface state; Oleate adsorption2002
18 Hawkes, KristenHadza children's foraging: juvenile dependency, social arrangement and mobility among hunter-gatherersPresents a study on the foraging activities of Hadza children in Tanzania, Africa. Success of children's foraging; Determinants of children's foraging; Monitoring of the activities of children; Near-camp foraging return rates; Variables underlying the patterns of foraging.Children; Foraging; Hazda; Hunter-gatherers1995
19 Starkey, MikeSwitchbox routing by pattern matchingMany good algorithms have been designed that provide good solutions to the wire routing problem in VLSI. Unfortunately, many of these algorithms only consider a small subset of different parameters such as number of layers, routability of layers and technology. We believe that these algorithms can b...Switchbox routing; pattern matching; wire routing problem; VLSI1991
20 Tiwari, AshutoshZn0.9Co0.1O-based diluted magnetic semiconducting thin filmsHere we report a systematic study of structural, optical, and magnetic measurements on epitaxial Zn0.9Co0.1O films grown on c-plane sapphire single crystal, at various temperatures (500-650°C), using pulsed-laser deposition. The main emphasis in this work has been on the correlation of microstructu...ZnO; Cobalt2004
21 Harrison, Reid R.; Rieth, Loren W.; Tathireddy, Prashant; Solzbacher, FlorianLong term in vitro stability of fully integrated wireless neural interfaces based on Utah slant electrode arrayWe herein report in vitro functional stability and recording longevity of a fully integrated wireless neural interface (INI). The INI uses biocompatible Parylene-C as an encapsulation layer, and was immersed in phosphate buffered saline (PBS) for a period of over 150 days. The full functionality ...2010
22 Myers, Chris J.Design of a genetic muller C-elementSynthetic biology uses engineering principles to design circuits out of genetic materials that are inserted into bacteria to perform various tasks. While synthetic combinational Boolean logic gates have been constructed, there are many open issues in the design of sequential logic gates. One such g...2007
23 Miller, Joel StevenPhotoelectron spectra of transition-metal carbonyl complexes: comparison with the spectra of adsorbed COThe uv and x-ray photoelectron spectra of carbon monoxide and transition-metal (TM) carbonyl complexes have been studied. The systematic changes in these spectra were recorded as the number of metal atoms in the complexes was increased and as the bonding configuration of the CO changed. The observat...TM carbonyl complexes; electron binding energies; metal atoms1978
24 Baehr, WolfgangCloning and sequence analysis of the major outer membrane protein genes of two Chlamydia psittaci strainsWe cloned and sequenced the gene encoding the major outer membrane protein (MOMP) of two Chlamydia psittaci strains, guinea pig inclusion conjunctivitis (GPIC) strain 1, and meningopneumonitis (Mn) strain Cal-10. Intraspecies alignment of the two C. psittaci MOMP genes revealed 80.6% similarity, and...Base Sequence; Cloning, Molecular; Amino Acid Sequence1989
25 Kestle, John R. W.Potentially useful outcome measures for clinical research in pediatric neurosurgeryThe choice of outcome (or outcomes) and their measurement are critical for a sound clinical trial. Surgeons have traditionally measured simple outcomes such as death, duration of survival, or tumor recurrence but have recently developed more sophisticated measures of the effect of an intervention. M...Pediatric neurosurgery2005
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