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1 Hamilton, AbbyCommunity Asset Based Adolescent Suicide Prevention in Uinta County, WYProviding high schoolers with national and local mental health resources will decrease suicide rates in Uinta County adolescentsRural; suicide prevention; adolescents2023
2 Brooks, Stuart M.Surveillance of Respiratory HazardsBiomedical Informatics1982
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9 Bennett, Donald R.Routine Transmission of Elecetroencephalograms by Telephone from a Distant CommunityBiomedical Informatics1970
10 Pryor, T. AllanA Note on Filtering ElectrocardiogramsBiomedical Informatics1971
11 Warner, Homer R.An Interlingua for Electronic Interchange of Medical Information: Using Fames to Map between Clinical VocabulariesBiomedical Informatics1991
12 Warner, Homer R.Analog Computer Analysis of Dispersion of Indicator in the CirculationBiomedical Informatics1966
13 Warner, Homer R.A Transfer Function Analysis of Coronary and Renal Circulation Calculated from Upstream and Downstream Indicator-Dilution CurvesBiomedical Informatics1966
14 Warner, Homer R.An Analysis of Granulocyte Kinetics in Blood and Bone MarrowBiomedical Informatics1964
15 Warner, Homer R.Analysis of the Role of Indicator Technics in Quantitation of Valvular RegurgitationBiomedical Informatics1962
16 Warner, Homer R.An Evaluation of Radiosulfate as a Granulocyte Label in the DogBiomedical Informatics1966
17 Warner, Homer R.A View of Medical Informatics as an Academic Disipline (Editorial)Biomedical Informatics1993
18 Warner, Homer R.An Analysis of Leukocyte Radioactivity Curves Obtained with Radioactive Disssopropylflourophosphate (DFP)Biomedical Informatics1959
19 Warner, Homer R.An Approach to Evaluating the Completeness of a Medical Knowledge BaseBiomedical Informatics1989
20 Gardner, Reed M.Patient-Monitoring SystemsBiomedical Informatics2001
21 Gardner, Reed M.Sensors and TransducersBiomedical Informatics1993
22 Gardner, Reed M.Selection and Standardization of Respiratory Monitoring EquipmentBiomedical Informatics1986
23 Gardner, Reed M.Spirometry and Flow-Volume CurvesBiomedical Informatics1989
24 Gardner, Reed M.The Role of Smart Medical Systems in the Space StationBiomedical Informatics1989
25 Gardner, Reed M.Safety and Efficacy of Continuous Flush Systems for Arterial and Pulmonary Artery CathetersBiomedical Informatics1977
1 - 25 of 10,885