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1 Avondet, CallieCurriculum as resistance: social studies at the Hampton institute in the late nineteenth centuryAs the Civil War concluded, freed people claimed their freedom to literacy. Schools teaching both basic literacy and offering higher education for Black people were quickly established throughout the South, supported by missionary associations, the Freedmen's Bureau, and Black communities. In 1868 t...2022
2 Parsawar, SaiSelecting for supremacy: brahminical supremacy and hindu nationalism in the United States Indian Diaspora2022
3 Segura, HaleyFire history and environmental disturbance reconstruction for Fish Lake, Utah2023
4 Tiwari, SarthakUtilizing light scattering spectroscopy and machine learning to differentiate heterogenous tissue samplesCurrent biopsy approaches either lack depth penetration or real-time analysis. Light scattering spectroscopy (LSS) aims to address these issues, and our goal is to investigate the use of LSS for identifying cardiac conduction tissues. LSS data were collected from donor tissue samples and created a 3...2023
5 Mason, IndigoEvaluating, implementing, and supporting sexual health programming for young adults at The University of Utah2021
6 Lusted, KitselTemperature dependence of leptospirillum ferriphilum during biooxidation of pyrite2023
7 Woolford, DallinCreating false memories using real-world objects: an attempt to expand upon a classic studyThis study aimed to investigate the relationship between different types of stimulus presentation and their effects on both memory confidence and memory accuracy through researching the phenomenon known as false memories. Investigating ways to raise memory confidence and to still retain accurate mem...2023
8 Segura, HaleyFire history and environmental disturbance reconstruction for Fish Lake, UtahFish Lake's location in central Utah at 8,848 feet above sea level offers a unique opportunity to study the impact of wildfires on high-elevation forested ecosystems in the Colorado Plateau region. A ~60,000-year lake sediment record from Fish lake provides evidence of multiple disturbances througho...2023
9 Bunting, AbrahamTowards water sustainability - improving water usage disclosureAs the amount of interest and capital invested in sustainable companies, indices, and funds has ballooned, the demand for sustainability data on which to base investment has increased significantly. Investors, companies, and regulators have all petitioned the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC...2023
10 Tang, AnnaMathematical model of drug resistance in ER+ breast Cancer: the role of the microenvironmentOne of the main obstacles to treating cancer is its ability to evolve and resist treatment. In this project, we are primarily interested mathematically modeling how the cancer microenvironment interacts with cancer cells and affects cancer's response to therapy. We aim to develop the mathematical mo...2023
11 Weeks, LilyChattering humor and crooked habits: disability as metaphor in early modern English dramaThis honors thesis project examines representations of disability in early modern English plays. I analyze two little-known plays of the period: Look About You (c. 1600) and The Fair Maid of the Exchange (1607), both anonymous works. Through the characters of Redcap and Cripple, these plays present ...2023
12 Weller, Kristine C.Incarceration, art, and agency: newspaper portrayals as an outlet for creative expression inside Japanese American relocation campsThe purpose of this thesis is to explore the role of art in publications created by interned Japanese Americans during World War II. Newspapers and magazines published inside internment camps were examined to see how they depicted art as a response to various needs and loss, in what ways camp public...2023
13 Singer, EmilyEffect of Covid-19 pandemic on oral health among uninsured populationsIntroduction: It is extremely important to maintain optimal oral health. Accessibility to dental care is vital for uninsured low-income individuals. There is a deficit of research that examines oral healthcare seeking during the COVID-19 pandemic among uninsured low-income individuals. Objective: Th...2023
14 Som, SaritaVirus-like weapons used for competition in wild plant populationsPlant diseases caused by bacterial pathogens pose significant economic challenges globally, necessitating the exploration of alternative methods for controlling bacterial infections in plants. Tailocins, virus-like weapons produced by bacteria, have emerged as potent antibacterial agents and hold po...2023
15 Kober, DerekAnthropogenic Climate Change and Pollen Trends: Analyzing genera-specific impacts and correlations with temperature and precipitation across the United States (1990-2018)Studies have shown that human-driven climate change is associated with both higher airborne pollen concentrations and extended allergy seasons. Research particularly indicates that the concentration of pollen is positively correlated to increasing temperatures. This study aims to analyze the pollen ...2023
16 Ribble, LeahThe implications of childhood maltreatment and current life stress for pregnant women's hair cortisol concentrationsThe hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis is one of the core components of the body's stress system. As such, the HPA axis is responsive to many different stressors, including those in childhood-such as childhood maltreatment-as well as sources of current life stress. The product of the HPA axis...2023
17 Martin, Julia Vienna GardnerThe role of socioeconomic status in understanding ethnic differences among remerging adults with type 1 diabetesEmerging adulthood is often characterized as a "high-risk period" for emerging adults (EAs) with T1D as they have higher HbA1c (a metric of glucose control across the last 3- 4 months) and poorer self-management compared to other age groups. Emerging adults may also experience disparities associated...2023
18 Gambassi, Jack L.Framing social justice through the capabilities lens: examining post-conviction labor market barriersThis thesis relates two bodies of existing research: (1) the use of capabilities as the basis for a theory of justice and (2) labor market reentry barriers created by conviction history. The capabilities approach is an alternative analytical framework to understanding social justice than alternative...2023
19 Franco, XimenaAn in-depth analysis of the court system's response to a child's psychological well-being in domestic violence custody hearingsIn a child custody hearing where domestic violence is present in the household, court appointed evaluators are tasked to investigate the nature of the alleged domestic abuse, the offender and victims, and the threat of ongoing violence after the separation. Prior research illuminates how the court t...domestic violence; child custody; psychological intervention; courts2023
20 Gibbs, Drake S.The hero's journey as found within outer wildsThe "Monomyth", otherwise known as the "The Hero's Journey," is the title of the seventeen steps Campbell described in his examination of myths, legends, and fables across the world. Even in the tales of today, the presence of the Monomyth still is seen in many narratives, including the newest story...2023
21 Erturk, Ali CemThe lead up to restriction and contemporary immigrationIn the 1840s and 1850s, a nativist viewpoint was applied to all foreigners, particularly Catholics and the Irish. From 1850-1882, it was applied to Asians who were presumed to be of a lower racial and economic order. In the 1920s, the poverty of Eastern European Jews, Italians, Hungarians, and Poles...2023
22 Erturk, Ali CemMinimum wage employment effectsIn this study, the employment to population ratios and unemployment rates of 16- 19- and 20-24-year-olds are modelled as a function of the minimum wage. The federal minimum remains constant while the state minimum increases in some states from 2010- 2019. Such a research question is useful because s...2023
23 Cardiff, CaymanThe history, present and future of Spanish pragmatics instruction for advanced Spanish L2+ language learners2023
24 Arreguin, JamineThe effect of mild traumatic brain injury on turning stabilityBackground: There are minimal studies that focus on the margin of stability (MoS) as a whole when looking at dynamic stability in gait for individuals with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Research on turning gait is important since it is common during daily life and has a high risk for falls and...2023
25 Willis, HannahAdvancing the right to health: lessons for improving the negotiation powers of MedicareThe United States (US) spends more per capita on prescription drugs than other high-income countries (Sarnak, Squires & Bishop, 2017). Yet, the high cost of drugs does not translate to better health outcomes. In fact, the US has a significantly lower life expectancy at birth and higher death rates f...2023
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