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1 Thistle, Hanna RoseComparing traditional Western & Nontraditional holistic medicine: an integrative approach to health & wellnessComparing traditional western and nontraditional holistic medicine will provide an integrative approach to health and wellness. The current American healthcare system primarily utilizes a western medicine approach to combat the majority of health issues and largely lacks an emphasis on wellness and ...2020
2 Fierro, Jasmine A.Writing home: language as a vehicle for Latina/O identity formationLatinas/os living in the United States experience a cultural split between their native culture and the American culture that blocks the creation of a whole Self. Each culture stakes a claim in their identity even if it tears them in opposing directions. In the United States, many Latinas/os assimil...2013
3 Fink, SusanThe role of emotion regulation in understanding the link between benefit finding and adherence in adolescents with Type 1 DiabetesAdolescents with type 1 diabetes find managing their disease difficult and they often experience problems in adhering to their diabetes regimen. Adolescents who are able to find benefits from their diabetes may be able to maintain better diabetes management, in part as they are able to process and r...
4 Gaykowski, Logan SaraBirth Control and Depression: Science VS. the MediaPrevious research has shown that the media can have a large effect on how readers internalize news and information, as well as on their choices, opinions and behaviors. Research has also shown that the media often reports scientific findings inaccurately or not in their entire form, providing reader...2017
5 Eldredge, NatashaPolicies and Procedures in the communication and collaboration of IEP team members for autstic childrenAutism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong neurological disorder, affecting the functions of the brain that can significantly impair an individual's ability to develop the necessary skills to live a full and independent life as an economically contributing member of society. Studies from the Cente...2017
6 Robinson, TianAn initial examination of themes surrounding english writing education at an international branch campusThe research question this paper aims to answer is, how and to what effect do internationalizing American universities and IBCs help their L2 English-speaking students transition from high school writing to standard American college writing, and what challenges still remain? To answer this question,...2020
7 Ochoa, RubenOptimal liberation of waste lithium-ion battery electrode material through attrition millingThis study is focused on the liberation of waste lithium-ion battery electrode material through a physical attrition milling process. High recovery of graphite and cathode material is an important driver for the process economics, thus a robust milling process to liberate these particles is importan...2020
8 Chisholm, ZacharyThe effect of ASC 842 on Asset acquisition by publicly traded U.S. companiesThis thesis examines how U.S. companies responded to a change in lease accounting rules (ASC 842), which requires most leases to be reported in corporate financial statements with the goal of providing transparent disclosure of companies' noncancellable future financial obligations. Prior to ASC 842...2020
9 Capener, JacobG Protein-Coupled resecptor kinase 2 mediated phosphorylation for The Activation of SmoothenedThe Hedgehog (Hh) pathway is a cell signaling pathway that is involved in embryonic development and adult tissue maintenance in vertebrates. Improper functioning of this pathway can lead to developmental disorders and several forms of cancer. Despite the pathway's biological importance, the transduc...2020
10 VandenBerge, KeelyA mentorship model for educationally underrepresented high school students interested in the nursing professionEvidence demonstrates that when workforce diversity does not reflect the population receiving care, patients' care and outcomes can be negatively affected (Sullivan Commission, 2004). One of the many approaches to addressing this complex issue is the use of mentorship programs to increase diversity ...2020
11 Porras, Adrian M.Acoustic emission monitoring on reinforced concrete frames with improved seismic resilienceIn modern structural engineering, reinforced concrete (RC) structures are wildly adopted due to their strength in resisting compressional and flexural loads. Moreover, RC structures can be precast or cast-in-place and have been used for many applications, such as footings, beams, and columns. Howeve...2020
12 Stephens, MasonEffect of prolonged nature exposure on mindfulness and P300 AmplitudeThis study utilized a quasi-experimental, within-subjects design to explore the effects of a 5-day nature immersion on perceived mindfulness, behavioral performance, and brain wave activity using Electroencephalography (EEG) to assess the amplitude of the P3a and P3b Event-Related Brain Potentials. ...2020
13 Kroll, TylerNumerical floating-point code: precision-independence, base-independence, and other programming considerationsThe knowledge and skills of the floating-point-literate mathematician are seldom lauded, though central to the art of translating the world of mathematics into the language of computers. This thesis highlights the importance of floatingpoint literacy through various high-utility techniques relevant ...2020
14 Kleinman, MeganThe green bond revolution: is it sustainable?Green bonds, innovative financial instruments that have entered the bond market in recent years, have sparked a revolution for activists, investors, and issuers with their use of proceeds model. I examine corporate green bonds through historical research, investigation of the certification process, ...2020
15 Halberg, NickThe Inverse effect of population growth on water use in UtahThe Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute projects that Utah will experience rapid population growth over the next 45 years. It is commonly assumed that this sudden increase in population will subsequently lead to a sudden increase in the demand for water, thereby creating a need for new water diversions....2020
16 Hanrahan, MollyShort-Term medical missions: a tool for understanding damaging practices, best practices, and program evaluationShort-term medical missions (STMMs), defined generally as short-length trips (ranging from 1 week to several months) where participants from one country travel to another country to provide medical or health-related care, have grown in popularity and number in recent years. As STMMs have grown, the ...2020
17 Guerrero, Jimena MurilloThe relationship between common factors and specific interventions in psychotherapyThe effectiveness of psychotherapy depends on a combination of specific interventions and nonspecific interventions, or common factors (CFs), that are widely used across different approaches in therapy. CFs are generic characteristics and behaviors across different approaches of therapy such as the ...2020
18 Dorsey, Bridget ForshaHealthcare provider bias in estimating the health literacy of parents in a pediatric emergency departmentHealth literacy, defined as an individual's capacity to obtain, communicate, process, and understand basic health information and services to make appropriate health decisions, is a growing concern due to its significant effect on clinical communication and health outcomes. One aspect of this clinic...2020
19 Dean, EmmaThe Effects of maternal resilience on newborn neurobehavioral outcomesThere is growing evidence that exposure to prenatal maternal stress may adversely affect fetal neurodevelopment by altering the fetal environment. In this study, we investigated whether maternal resilience can act as a moderator of the negative effects of maternal stress on newborn neurobehavioral o...2020
20 Bryan, CandaceThe relationship between Native Americans and Museums: a case study of the natural history museum of UtahTaking a class about Native American studies opened my eyes to the many problems the Native American community has had to face for decades. One of those problems was with something I've enjoyed my entire life: museums. Museums have always been a place of wonder and learning for me. I never was taugh...2020
21 Uong, AmberA Females's First Year of College Stress, Mental Health, and AlcoholTransitioning to college marks a critical period of change in a student's life. Students become exposed to new environments that require adaptation. College courses come with academic expectations that are typically higher than those experienced in high school. This honors thesis will review academi...2018
22 Prince, Stephen TannerSuper Mario Maker and Dashiegames a Youtube, Folk PalimpsestFolklore is traditional, informal, unofficial culture. And right now, on the internet, it's changing everything you know about entertainment. In this thesis, I look at the gaming tradition, past and present, and at the major game developer Nintendo. I present Nintendo's fascinating history, and an a...2019
23 Potter, HannahLifting Coach: Using Machine Learning to Battle Musculoskeletal DamageMany manual laborers develop musculoskeletal disorders performing their work duties. The prevalence of these issues is concerning because of the negative effects on workers' health and well-being, the great cost to workers who are not able to work temporarily or permanently, and the great cost to co...2019
24 Pehrson, AlexandriaProviders Responses to the Implementation of one Key Question(R) into the University of Utah Healthcare SystemUnintended pregnancies account for almost half of all pregnancies in the United States. An unplanned pregnancy can lead to negative health and social consequences for both the mother and child (Gold, Sonfield, Richards, & Frost, 2009). Unintended pregnancy is also correlated with an increased burden...2019
25 Brown, VictoriaAdthing: a Student ExperienceThe University of Utah is known for their experiential learning experiences for students. The Dean of the David Eccles School of Business (Dean Randall), wanted to further this concept in his own programs, specifically in the marketing discipline. The idea and focus is to create a student advertisin...2018
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