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1 Clean and secure energy from Utah's oil shale and oil sands resources: Environmental, legal and policy framework2010-04-28ICSE; Land use; Water availability; Produced water; Utah; Colorado; Colorado RiverThis poster addresses major challenges to land use, water availability, and produced water.
2 Pore scale analysis of oil sand/oil shale pyrolysis by X-ray Micro CT and LB simulation2010-03-03pore scale analysis; oil sand/shale pyrolysis; X-ray Micro CT and LB simulation; Lamellar Structure of Oil ShaleThe research objectives include (1) CT characterization of the pore network structure for selected oil sand/oil shale resources, (2) LB simulation of flow through pore network structures to predict transport properties, such as permeability, and (3) CT analysis of pore network structure during pyrol...
3 Student council for exceptional children, University of Utah2014-10-22CEC; Exceptional children; Special and gifted educationCouncil for Exceptional Children is the international nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the educational success of individuals with disabilities and/or gifts and talents.
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