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1 Brief from an illustrated paper on the life of John Hafen1934; 1935; 1936; 1937; 1938; 1939Text
2 Pioneer personal history answers, Peter Petersen Dyring, Manti, Utah1938-11-16Text
3 Pioneer personal history, Jack Greenwell1939-07-12Text
4 History of Harriet M. Cliff and family1938-07-30Text
5 Short history of Louisa Ann Bybee1939-04-06Text
6 Pioneer interview, F. C. Burdick1938-10-08Text
7 Amada Polly Savage Cook1936Text
8 Sylvester Earl1941-06-16Text
9 Pioneer personal history, Mrs. Lizzie Chadwick Cargill1934Text
10 Pioneer personal history, Mary Isabelle Russell Croft1939-09-29Text
11 Noted characters in the pioneer settlement of San Juan County: Joe Bush1936-07-01Text
12 Biography, Eliza Adelaide Dolbell1934Text
13 John J. Duke1938Text
14 Robert James Burton1938Text
15 Pioneer personal history of Ruth Elizabeth Greenhalgh Cram1938-07-22Text
16 J. F. Hansen1938-08-06Text
17 Pioneer personal history, John U. Bryner1938-07-13Text
18 Pioneer history questionnaire, C. E. Forbes1934Text
19 Pioneer personal history of Esther J. Ford1938-07-18Text
20 Individual family record, Ray Elbert Cox1938-07-16Text
21 Agnes Ann Manning Carr1934-12-27Text
22 Pioneer personal history, Robert G. Bryant1937-05-27Text
23 Sketch of Ruth Smith's life1936-11-14Text
24 Pioneer personal history, Alice Holbrook Crapo1938-09-22Text
25 Pioneer personal history questionnaire, Mary Ann Geertsen1941-04-30Text
1 - 25 of 865