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1 Vardhan, AvantikaCharacterizing growth patterns in longitudinal MRI using image contrastUnderstanding the growth patterns of the early brain is crucial to the study of neuro-development. In the early stages of brain growth, a rapid sequence of biophysical and chemical processes take place. A crucial component of these processes, known as myelination, consists of the formation of a myel...2014-01-01
2 Potter, Kristin CarrieUncertainty visualization in forward and inverse cardiac modelsQuantification and visualization of uncertainty in cardiac forward and inverse problems with complex geometries is subject to various challenges. Specific to visualization is the observation that occlusion and clutter obscure important regions of interest, making visual assessment difficult. In orde...2013-01-01
3 Pascucci, ValerioEfficient data restructuring and aggregation for I/O acceleration in PIDXHierarchical, multiresolution data representations enable interactive analysis and visualization of large-scale simulations. One promising application of these techniques is to store high performance computing simulation output in a hierarchical Z (HZ) ordering that translates data from a Cartesian ...2012-01-01
4 Johnson, Christopher R.Optimizing Inverse Electrocardiographic Problem: Hybrid and High-Order Finite Element MethodOne type of inverse problems in electrocardiography (ECG) is to non-invasively reconstruct epicardial electric potentials from body-surface measurements. We study how to design the finite element discretization of such problem, so as to optimize the conditioning and stability of the resulting num...
5 Zhao, Lu; Regehr, JohnComparing program logics for reasoning about safety propertiesTo prove memory write and controls transfers do not interfere with other programs in embedded systems. Hoare Logic with Bale Predicate; Hoare Logic with Separation Conjunction.2010-10-06
6 Widanagamaachchi, Wathsala Nayomi; Pascucci, ValerioImage registrationImage Registration is the process of overlaying two or more images of the same scene, taken at different times, from different viewpoints and/or by different sensors.
7 Li, Guodong; Gopalakrishnan, Ganesh; Kirby, Robert Michael IiPUG : A Symbolic Verifier of GPU ProgramsPUG is a automated verifier for GPU programs written in C/CUDA. PUG verifies GPU kernels for Data Races, Barrier mismatches, Totally wrong results, and Weak memory model related bugs. SMT-based correctness checking methods for these error are often more scalable, general and modular.2010-10-06
8 Awasthi, Manu; Nellans, David W.; Sudan, Kshitij; Balasubramonian, RajeevABP : predictor based management of DRAM row buffersDRAM accesses are costly, especially in multicore systems. Future CMPs will run a mixed load of workloads/threads. Destructive interference at memory controller, spatio-temporal locality lost! DRAM row-buffer hits are least expensive, row-conflicts are most. Randomized memory access patterns re...2010-10-06
9 Kasera, Sneha K.Enhancing covert communications with multiple colluding receiversTraditional (single receiver) system setup: ? Choose exploit field (e.g. last byte of TCP Timestamp) ? Alice: probabilistically inject parts of coded message into field ? Bob: extract symbols from field, decode to correct errors ?Warden: assume full knowledge of system and keys Can we create un...2010-10-06
10 Joshi, Sarang; Venkatasubramanian, SureshMatching shapes using the current distanceCurrent Distance: It was introduced by Vaillant and Glaunès as a way of comparing shapes (point sets, curves, surfaces). This distance measure is defined by viewing a shape as a linear operator on a k-form field, and constructing a (dual) norm on the space of shapes. Shape Matching: Given two s...
11 Musuvathy, Suraj Ravi; Cohen, ElaineTracing ridges on B-Spline surfacesWon Best Paper Award at SIAM/ACM Joint Conference on Geometric and Physical Modeling, San Francisco, 20092010-02-26
12 Tripathi, Abhishek; Bremer, Peer-Timo; Pascucci, ValerioUnderstanding global climate changeWhat is Climate Modeling? Use of quantitative methods to simulate the interactions of the atmosphere, oceans, land surface, and ice. Average Global Temperatures indicate a warming trend but that alone does not explain why it is happening.
13 Grosset, Andre Vincent Pascal; Pascucci, ValerioInfinite ZoomAny image (apart from a fractal) has a finite resolution. On zooming in, we eventually see pixels. The aim of this project is to allow users to infinitely zoom in on an image.2010-10-06
14 Pascucci, ValerioMorse theory and its applicationDiscussion of Morse TheoryMorse; Morse-Smale; Topology; Algorithms; Terrain; Analysis
15 Kumar, Sidharth; Pascucci, ValerioRemote visualizationGeneralized Architecture and pipeline for a remote site
16 Kasera, Sneha K.; Patwari, NealMobility Assisted Secret Key GenerationSignature Based Key Generation. Wireless link signature; multiple paths caused by radio waves; their measurements are good signatures of links; link signatures measured almost symmetrically at two ends of wireless link, but cannot be measured from another location; use for secret key establishment;...
17 Fletcher, Preston Thomas; Moeller, John Henry; Phillips, Jeffrey; Venkatasubramanian, SureshComputing hulls in positive definite spaceP(n): a Riemannian manifold Definition: symmetric positive-definite (n) (n) matrices Applications: Diffusion Tensor MRI (DT-MRI) Flow through voxel modeled in P(3) Elasticity Tensors Modeled by elements of P(6) Machine Learning Used in kernels Convex Hulls Data on P(n): Want to analyze...2010-10-06
18 Yang, Xuejun; Chen, Yang; Eide, Eric; Regehr, JohnFinding compiler bugs with random testingUndefined behavior (such as divide by 0) or unspecified behavior (such as order of evaluation) gives compilers freedom to diverge, causing failure to our voting mechanism Control Flow Analysis • a control flow analyzer that can handle abnormal edges created by jump statements (goto / break ...
19 Gilbert, Nathan Alan; Riloff, Ellen M.Exploring Knowledge-Rich Solutions to Noun Phrase Coreference ResolutionCoreference resolution is the task of identifying coreferent expressions in text. Accurate coreference resolution can improve other tasks such as machine translation, information retrievel and document summarization. Currently, the best approaches involve some form of supervised Machine Learni...
20 Bhatia, Harsh; Jadhav, Shreeraj Digambar; Norgard, Greg; Bremer, Peer-Timo; Pascucci, ValerioHelmholtz-Hodge Decomposition of vector fields on 2-manifoldsA Morse-like Decomposition ? - Morse-Smale decomposition for gradient (of scalar) fields is an interesting way of decomposing the domain into regions of unidirectional flow (from a source to a sink ). - But works for gradient fields, which are conservative (irrotational), only. - Can such a de...
21 Pascucci, Valerio; Swank, William LorenzoScalable scientific dataQuestion Hierarchial Z-Order Evaluation How can we present hundreds or thousands of gigabytes of scientific data to a user for analysis and interpretation? • The Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute is responsible for helping scientists visualize massive amounts of data. • Sources ...2010-02-26
22 De St Germain, John Davison; Parker, Steven G.; Johnson, Christopher R.Uintah: a massively parallel problem solving environmentThis paper describes Uintah, a component-based visual problem solving environment (PSE) that is designed to specifically address the unique problems of massively parallel computation on terascale computing platforms. Uintah supports the entire life cycle of scientific applications by allowing scient...Uintah; Problem solving environment; Computational steering; Parallel computers2000
23 De St Germain, John Davison; Morris, Alan H.; Parker, Steven G.Performance analysis integration in the Uintah software development cycleThe increasing complexity of high-performance computing environments and programming methodologies presents challenges for empirical performance evaluation. Evolving parallel and distributed systems require performance technology that can be flexibly configured to observe different events and associ...Uintah; Problem solving environment; Performance analysis; Parallelism; C-SAFE2003
24 De St Germain, John Davison; Parker, Steven G.; Johnson, Christopher R.Uintah parallelism infrastructure: a performance evaluation on the SGI origin 2000Uintah is a component-based visual problem solving environment (PSE) designed to specifically address the unique problems inherent in running massively parallel scientific computations on terascale computing platforms. In particular, development of the Uintah system is part of the C-SAFE [2] effort ...Uintah; Problem solving environment; Performance analysis; Parallelism; Origin 2000; C-SAFE2001
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