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1 Characterizing growth patterns in longitudinal MRI using image contrast2014-01-01Text
2 Uncertainty visualization in forward and inverse cardiac models2013-01-01Text
3 Efficient data restructuring and aggregation for I/O acceleration in PIDX2012-01-01Text
4 Optimizing Inverse Electrocardiographic Problem: Hybrid and High-Order Finite Element MethodText; Image
5 Comparing program logics for reasoning about safety properties2010-10-06Text; Image
6 Image registrationText; Image
7 PUG : A Symbolic Verifier of GPU Programs2010-10-06Text; Image
8 ABP : predictor based management of DRAM row buffers2010-10-06InteractiveResource
9 Enhancing covert communications with multiple colluding receivers2010-10-06Text; Image
10 Matching shapes using the current distanceText; Image
11 Tracing ridges on B-Spline surfaces2010-02-26Text; Image
12 Understanding global climate changeText; Image
13 Infinite Zoom2010-10-06Text; Image
14 Morse theory and its applicationText; Image
15 Remote visualizationText; Image
16 Mobility Assisted Secret Key GenerationText; Image
17 Computing hulls in positive definite space2010-10-06Text; Image
18 Finding compiler bugs with random testingText; Image
19 Exploring Knowledge-Rich Solutions to Noun Phrase Coreference ResolutionText; Image
20 Helmholtz-Hodge Decomposition of vector fields on 2-manifoldsText; Image
21 Scalable scientific data2010-02-26Text; Image
22 Uintah: a massively parallel problem solving environment2000Text
23 Performance analysis integration in the Uintah software development cycle2003Text
24 Uintah parallelism infrastructure: a performance evaluation on the SGI origin 20002001Text
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