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1 Improvement and validation of the heavy metal blood 4 panel assay using isocratic pump direct injection on liquid chromatography icp-ms2017Textir_etd
2 Medical knowledge acquisition using biomedical knowledge resources for disease-specific ontologies2017Textir_etd
3 Microrna-146a regulates novel aspects of intestinal homeostasis and immunometabolism2017Textir_etd
4 Cloning and sequence analysis of the major outer membrane protein genes of two Chlamydia psittaci strains1989Textir_uspace
5 Potentially useful outcome measures for clinical research in pediatric neurosurgery2005Textir_uspace
6 Fundamental cellular processes do not require vertebrate-specific sequences within the TATA-binding protein.2003-02-21Textir_uspace
7 Elevated plasma phenylalanine in severe malaria and implications for pathophysiology of neurological complications.2006-06-01Textir_uspace
8 Hox group 3 paralogous genes act synergistically in the formation of somitic and neural crest-derived structures.1997-12-15Textir_uspace
9 Lumbosacral ependymomas: a review of the management of intradural and extradural tumors2003Textir_uspace
10 Guidelines for the performance of fusion procedures for degenerative disease of the lumbar spine. Part 3: assessment of economic outcome2005Textir_uspace
11 Multicenter prospective cohort study of the Strata valve for the management of hydrocephalus in pediatric patients2005Textir_uspace
12 Porous polyethylene implant for cranioplasty and skull base reconstruction2004Textir_uspace
13 Hox genes and mammalian development1997Textir_uspace
14 Transcriptional slippage in bacteria: distribution in sequenced genomes and utilization in IS element gene expression2005Textir_uspace
15 Significance of CT and MR findings in sphenoid sinus disease.1989-05Textir_uspace
16 Receptor for advanced glycation end products and age-related macular degeneration.2004Textir_uspace
17 Circuits for local and global signal integration in primary visual cortex2002-10-01Textir_uspace
18 Rathke cleft cyst intracystic nodule: a characteristic magnetic resonance imaging finding2005Textir_uspace
19 Transsphenoidal microsurgical treatment of Cushing disease: postoperative assessment of surgical efficacy by application of an overnight low-dose dexamethasone suppression test2003-01-01Textir_uspace
20 Silicon-based, three-dimensional neural interface: manufacturing processes for an intracortical electrode array1991Textir_uspace
21 HPLC measurement of ocular carotenoid levels in human donor eyes in the lutein supplementation era.2007-02Textir_uspace
22 Comparison of patient satisfaction after uncomplicated cataract surgery between the silicone AMO SI-30/40 and the acrylic Alcon MA30BA and MA60BA foldable intraocular lenses2001-10Textir_uspace
23 Identification and light-dependent translocation of a cone-specific antigen, (Cone Arrestin) recognized by monoclonal antibody 7G62003Textir_uspace
24 Predictive value of serum prolactin levels measured immediately after transsphenoidal surgery2002Textir_uspace
25 Characterization of genomic subtypes of Ewing sarcoma based on copy number alterations2018Textir_etd
1 - 25 of 2,472