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1 Armentrout, Peter B.Fragmentation reactions of thiourea- and urea-compounds examined by tandem MS-, energy-resolved CID experiments, and theoryFragmentation reactions of thiourea- and urea-compounds, which are promising reagents for chemical crosslinking (XL), are investigated in detail by collision-induced dissociation (CID) experiments in a quadrupole ion trap (QIT), energy-resolved CID experiments, and computational modeling. For this s...2012-01-01
2 Armentrout, Peter B.Guided ion beam and theoretical studies of sequential bond energies of water to sodium cysteine cationAbsolute bond dissociation energies of water to sodium cysteine (Cys) cations and cysteine to hydrated sodium cations are determined experimentally by collision-induced dissociation of Na+Cys(H2O)x, where x = 1 - 4, complexes with xenon in a guided ion beam mass spectrometer. Experimental results sh...2010-01-01
3 Armentrout, Peter B.Guided ion beam and theoretical study of the reactions of Hf+ with H2, D2, and HDThe kinetic energy dependences of reactions of the third-row transition metal cation Hf+ with H2, D2, and HD were determined using a guided ion beam tandem mass spectrometer. A flow tube ion source produces Hf+ in its 2D (6s25d1) electronic ground state level. Corresponding state-specific reaction c...2010-01-01
4 Wu, Yong-ShiGround-state degeneracy in the Levin-Wen model for topological phasesWe study the properties of topological phases by calculating the ground-state degeneracy (GSD) of the two-dimensional Levin-Wen (LW) model. Here it is explicitly shown that the GSD depends only on the spatial topology of the system. Then we show that the ground state on a sphere is always nondegener...2012-01-01
5 Armentrout, Peter B.Infrared multiple photon dissociation spectroscopy of protonated histidine and 4-phenyl imidazoleThe gas-phase structures of protonated histidine (His) and the side-chain model, protonated 4-phenyl imidazole (PhIm), are examined by infrared multiple photon dissociation (IRMPD) action spectroscopy utilizing light generated by the free electron laser FELIX. To identify the structures present in t...2012-01-01
6 Minteer, Shelley D.In recognition of Adam Heller and his enduring contributions to electrochemistryRecent progress in diverse scientific fields ranging from bioelectrochemistry to battery technology to photoconversion has been deeply influenced by the contributions of Professor Adam Heller of the University of Texas at Austin to electrochemistry and materials science. This focus issue recognizes ...2014-01-01
7 Sekercioglu, CaganMeasuring the meltdown: drivers of global amphibian extinction and declineHabitat loss, climate change, over-exploitation, disease and other factors have been hypothesised in the global decline of amphibian biodiversity. However, the relative importance of and synergies among different drivers are still poorly understood. We present the largest global analysis of roughly ...2008-01-01
8 Lupton, John MarkMechanisms of spin-dependent dark conductivity in films of a soluble fullerene derivative under bipolar injectionWe report room-temperature pulsed electrically detected magnetic resonance measurements of the dark conductivity of films of the fullerene derivative [6,6]-phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl ester (PCBM) under bipolar (electron-hole) and unipolar (electron-rich) injection conditions. Directly after mate...2014-01-01
9 Vardeny, Zeev ValentineMechanically stretchable and reversibly deformable liquid metal-based plasmonicsWe demonstrate that liquid metals are attractive materials for active plasmonic devices at terahertz frequencies. Using a liquid metal injected into an elastomeric mold, we measure the static and stretched transmission properties of aperture arrays.2012-01-01
10 Mishchenko, EugeneEquilibrium currents in chiral systems with nonzero Chern numberWe describe a simple quantum-mechanical approach to calculating equilibrium particle current along the edge of a system with nontrivial band spectrum topology. The approach does not require any a priori knowledge of the band topology and, as a matter of fact, treats topological and nontopological co...2014-01-01
11 Sekercioglu, CaganHabitat use and movements of native forest birds in southern Costa Rican agricultural countrysideWe used radio telemetry to study the habitat use, activity budgets, and movements of three bird species that are found in native forest and coffee plantations of southern Costa Rica. We obtained 7522 locations from Turdus assimilis (n=27), Tangara icterocephala (n=53), and Catharus aurantiirostris (...2003-01-01
12 Sekercioglu, CaganImportance of Ethiopian shade coffee farms for forest bird conservationCoffee is the most important tropical commodity and is grown in high-priority areas for biological conservation. There is abundant literature on the conservation value of coffee farms internationally, but there has been little research on this topic in Africa. Ethiopia is a diverse and little-studie...2014-01-01
13 Gerton, JordanImproved localization accuracy in stochastic super-resolution fluorescence microscopy by K-factor image deshadowingLocalization of a single fluorescent particle with sub-diffraction-limit accuracy is a key merit in localization microscopy. Existing methods such as photoactivated localization microscopy (PALM) and stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM) achieve localization accuracies of single emitt...2014-01-01
14 Jorgensen, ErikImproved Mos1-mediated transgenesis in C. elegansThe ability to add or delete genes to the genome of genetic model organisms is essential. Previously, we developed methods based on the Mos1 transposon1 to make targeted transgene insertions (Mos1-mediated Single Copy transgene Insertions, MosSCI2) and targeted deletions (Mos1-mediated deletions, Mo...2012-01-01
15 Minteer, Shelley D.Improved performance of a thylakoid bio-solar cell by incorporation of carbon quantum dotsCarbon quantum dots (CQDs) were incorporated into thylakoid bioanodes capable of direct photobioelectrocatalysis in order to increase the photocurrent generation. More thylakoids are in contact with the increased surface area which allows for greater direct electron transfer (DET). Additionally, the...2014-01-01
16 Adler, Frederick R.Long-term models of oxidative stress and mitochondrial damage in insulin resistance progressionInsulin resistance, characterized by a reduced cellular response to insulin, is a major factor in type 2 diabetes pathogenesis, with a complex etiology consisting of a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Oxidative stress, which develops through an accumulation of toxic reactive oxygen ...2014-01-01
17 Beckerle, Mary C.LIM proteins in actin cytoskeleton mechanoresponseThe actin cytoskeleton assembles into branched networks or bundles to generate mechanical force for critical cellular processes such as establishment of polarity, adhesion, and migration. Stress fibers are contractile, actomyosin structures that physically couple to the extracellular matrix through ...2014-01-01
18 Gondolo, PaoloLight dark matter in leptophobic Z' modelsRecent experimental results in direct dark matter detection may be interpreted in terms of a dark matter particle of mass around 10 GeV=c2. We show that the required scenario can be realized with a new dark matter particle charged under an extra Abelian gauge boson Z0 that couples to quarks but not ...2012-01-01
19 Sekercioglu, CaganThe effects of climate change on tropical birdsBirds are among the most widely studied organisms on earth and represent an important indicator group for learning about the effects of climate change - particularly in regard to the effects of climate change on tropical ecosystems. In this review, we assess the potential impacts of climate change o...2010-01-01
20 Adler, Frederick R.Mathematical modeling the age dependence of Epstein-Barr virus associated infectious mononucleosisMost people get Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infection at young age and are asymptomatic. Pri-mary EBV infection in adolescents and young adults however, often leads to infectious mononucleosis (IM) with symptoms including fever, fatigue, and sore throat that can persist for months. Expansion in the num...2012
21 Potts, Wayne K.MHC signaling during social communicationThe major histocompatibility complex (MHC) has been known to play a critical role in immune recognition since the 1950s. It was a surprise, then, in the 1970s when the first report appeared indicating MHC might also function in social signaling. Since this seminal discovery, MHC signaling has been f...2012-01-01
22 Minteer, Shelley D.Nickel cysteine complexes as anodic electrocatalysts for fuel cellsCompared to platinum, nickel is an inexpensive catalyst that can oxidize methanol in alkaline media. There is a desire to increase nickel loading during electrodeposition for improved performance. In this paper, a nickel cysteine complex (NiCys) is used as the precursor for electrodeposition on glas...2014-01-01
23 Minteer, Shelley D.Nickel-DNA complexes: bioelectrocatalysis or not?Alkaline fuel cells (AFC) are low temperature, quick-to-start devices that can achieve 50% operating efficiency. Low cost alternatives to platinum group electrocatalysts, which allow for direct reformation are desired. Nickel electrocatalysts are highly active in alkaline for the oxidation of fuels....2013-01-01
24 Cieri, RobertNew insight into the evolution of the vertebrate respiratory system and the discovery of unidirectional airflow in iguana lungsThe generally accepted framework for the evolution of a key feature of the avian respiratory system, unidirectional airflow, is that it is an adaptation for efficiency of gas exchange and expanded aerobic capacities, and therefore it has historically been viewed as important to the ability of birds ...2014-11-17
25 Minteer, Shelley D.Photobioelectrochemistry: Solar energy conversion and biofuel production with photosynthetic catalystsPhotobioelectrochemical cells are devices which have been developed over the past few decades and use photosynthetic catalysts for solar energy conversion or biofuel production. In this paper, a critical review of reported photobioelectrochemical systems is presented. The systems discussed include s...2014-01-01
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