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1 Automated film reader for DNA sequencing based on homomorphic deconvolution1994Text
2 Cell-free synthesis of herpes simplex virus proteins1977Text
3 Characterization of lysozyme messenger and lysozyme synthesized in vitro1969Text
4 Crystallization of the MS2 translational repressor alone and complexed to bromouridine1995Text
5 Dual-luciferase reporter system for studying recoding signals1998Text
6 Efficient shine- Dalgarno sequence but not translation is necessary for LacZ mRNA stability in Escherichia coli1994Text
7 Frameshifting in gene 10 of bacteriophage T71991Text
8 Neuro imaging research lab2012Text; Image
9 Origin and destiny of adenovirus proteins1975Text
10 P-site tRNA is a crucial initiator of ribosomal frameshifting2004Text
11 Pattern of protein synthesis in monkey cells infected by simian virus 401972Text
12 Photoreceptor cGMP phosphodiesterase delta subunit (PDEdelta) functions as a prenyl-binding protein2004Text
13 Probing the structure of the Escherichia coli 10Sa RNA (tmRNA)1997Text
14 Processing of adenovirus 2-induced proteins1973Text
15 rRNA-mRNA base pairing stimulates a programmed -1 ribosomal frameshift1994Text
16 Slippery runs, shifty stops, backward steps and forward hops: -2, -1, +1, +2, +5 and +6 Ribosomal frameshifting1987Text
17 Translation of Rl7 RNA fragments1969Text
18 Uninterrupted translation through putative 12-nucleotide coding gap in sequence of carA: business as usual1994Text
19 Virtual histology of transgenic mouse embryos for high-throughput phenotyping.2006Text
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