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1 Dong, JiaweiConsolidation and permeability of flocculated kaolinite sedimentVast oil sand resources are located in the province of Alberta, Canada, where water-based oil sands extraction operations are found including extraction and separation of the bitumen from the clay, sand, and water. The production of each barrel of synthetic crude oil (SCO) requires 2 m3 of processe...Consolidation; Flocculation; Kaolinite; Permeability2017
2 Brown, Francis HaroldOn the environment of Aramis a comment on White in Domínguez-RodrigoDepartment of Geology, University of Utah, 115 South 1460 East, Room 383 Sutton Building, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112, U.S.A. (Cerling and Brown) (thure.cerling@utah.edu)/ Department of Geology, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida 33620, U.S.A. (Wynn). This paper was submitted 9 I 14 and acce...2014-01-01
3 Miller, Jan D.The behavior of arsenic trioxide in non-ferrous extractive metallurgical processingStudy of the acid bake-leach process has shown potential advantages for the treatment of enargite (Cu3AsS4) concentrates. Among the most important advantages of the process is the transformation of enargite to water-soluble copper sulfate and highly soluble arsenic trioxide (arsenolite). Because ars...2014-01-01
4 Garrett, Timothy J.Observed influence of riming, temperature, and turbulence on the fallspeed of solid precipitationForecasts of the amount and geographic distribution of snow are highly sensitive to a model's parameterization of hydrometeor fallspeed. Riming is generally thought to lead to particles with a higher mass and terminal velocity. Yet models commonly assume that heavily rimed particles such as graupel ...2014-01-01
5 Steenburgh, William JamesFinescale orographic precipitation variability and gap-filling radar potential in Little Cottonwood Canyon, UtahFinescale variations in orographic precipitation pose a major challenge for weather prediction, winter road maintenance, and avalanche forecasting and mitigation in mountainous regions. In this investigation, ground based X-band radar observations collected during intensive observing period 6 (IOP6)...2014-01-01
6 Miller, Jan D.Effect of surface oxidation on interfacial water structure at the pyrite (100) surface as studied by MDSFlotation provides a number of alternatives for the processing of gold ores containing sulfide minerals. e.g. flotation of free gold and gold-bearing sulfides to produce a gold-rich concentrate for regrinding, oxidative pretreatment and cyanidation.2014-01-01
7 Miller, Jan D.High resolution X-ray microtomography based micro finite element analysis of mechanical properties of cellular materialThe macroscopic mechanical (elastic) properties of closed foams (ROHACELL) estimated from micro finite element analysis are reported in this paper. The complex 3D geometries of ROHACELL foams with different densities were analyzed using high resolution X-ray microtomography (HRXMT). The microstructu...2013-01-01
8 Miller, Jan D.A new cone beam X-ray microtomography facility for 3D analysis of multiphase materialsThree-dimensional x-ray microtomography offers a unique imaging capability. Spatial resolution on the order of ten microns can be achieved with the use of microfocus x-ray generators. Recently, a state-of-the-art, flexible cone beam x-ray microtomography system has been installed at the University o...2001-01-01
9 Solomon, Douglas KipEvaluating the use of strontium isotopes in tree rings to record the isotopic signal of dust deposited on the Wasatch MountainsDust cycling from the Great Basin to the Rocky Mountains is an important component of ecological and hydrological processes. We investigated the use of strontium (Sr) concentrations and isotope ratios (87Sr/86Sr) in tree rings as a proxy for dust deposition. We report Sr concentrations and isotope r...2014-01-01
10 Garrett, Timothy J.Modes of growth in dynamic systemsRegardless of a system's complexity or scale, its growth can be considered to be a spontaneous thermodynamic response to a local convergence of down-gradient material flows. Here it is shown how system growth can be constrained to a few distinct modes that depend on the time integral of past flows a...2012-01-01
11 Miller, Jan D.Understanding the agglomeration behavior of nickel laterite and gold ores using statistical design of experimentsThe drum agglomeration of nickel laterite and gold ores has been optimized through the design of experiments (DOE) using a Taguchi L16 (45) orthogonal array to determine the optimum conditions for maximizing average agglomerate size and minimizing the amount of fines. The effects of controllable ope...2014-01-01
12 Thorne, Michael S.Viterbi sparse spike detectionAccurate interpretation of seismic traveltimes and amplitudes in the exploration and global scales is complicated by the band-limited nature of seismic data. We discovered a stochastic method to reduce a seismic waveform into a most probable constituent spike train. Model waveforms were constructed ...2013-01-01
13 Miller, Jan D.Flotation chemistry of soluble salt minerals: from ion hydration to colloid adsorptionIn this paper, recent progress with respect to the flotation chemistry of soluble salt minerals is reviewed, and some of the more relevant issues including the hydration states of ions, the interfacial phenomena of salt surfaces and the flotation behavior of selected soluble salts are discussed. Due...2014-01-01
14 Solomon, Douglas KipTracer applications of noble gas radionuclides in the geosciencesNoble gas radionuclides, including 81Kr (t1/2 = 229,000 yr), 85Kr (t1/2 = 10.8 yr), and 39Ar (t1/2 = 269 yr), possess nearly ideal chemical and physical properties for studies of earth and environmental processes. Recent advances in Atom Trap Trace Analysis (ATTA), a laser-based atom counting method...2014-01-01
15 Zhdanov, MichaelQuasi-analytical boundary condition for three-dimensional finite difference electromagnetic modelingNumerical modeling of the quasi-static electromagnetic (EM) field in the frequency domain in a three-dimensional (3-D) inhomogeneous medium is a very challenging problem in computational physics. We present a new approach to the finite difference (FD) solution of this problem. The FD discretization ...2004-01-01
16 Zhdanov, MichaelTwo-dimensional magnetotelluric inversion of blocky geoelectrical structuresThis paper demonstrates that there are alternative approaches to the magnetotelluric (MT) inverse problem solution based on different types of geoelectrical models. The traditional approach uses smooth models to describe the conductivity distribution in underground formations. In this paper, we pres...2002-01-01
17 Zhdanov, MichaelContraction integral equation method in three-dimensional electromagnetic modelingThe integral equation method has been proven to be an efficient tool to model threedimensional electromagnetic problems . Owing to the full linear system to be solved, the method has been considered effective only in the case of models consisting of a strongly limited number of cells. However, recen...2002-01-01
18 Zhdanov, MichaelQuasi-linear series in three-dimensional electromagnetic modelingWe have recently introduced a quasi-linear (QL) approximation for the solution of the three-dimension(a3l -D) electromagnetic modeling problem. In this paper we discuss an approach to improving its accuracy by considering the QL approximation so f the higher order. This approach can be considered th...1997-01-01
19 Zhdanov, MichaelThree-dimensional quasi linear electromagnetic inversionOne of the most challenging problems of electromagnetic (EM) geophysical methods is developing three-dimension(a3l- D) EM inversion techniques. This problem is of utmost importance in practical applications because of the 3-D nature of the geological structures.T he main difficulties in 3-D inversio...1996-01-01
20 Garrett, Timothy J.Fall speed measurement and high-resolution multi-angle photography of hydrometeors in free fallWe describe here a new instrument for imaging hydrometeors in free fall. The Multi-Angle Snowflake Camera (MASC) captures high-resolution photographs of hydrometeors from three angles while simultaneously measuring their fall speed. Based on the stereoscopic photographs captured over the two months ...2012-01-01
21 Hu, LihaiTrace elements in the hairStudy of uneven distribution of trace elements in elephant hair and compare the result with animal horns.2013
22 Reichler, Thomas J.A stratospheric connection to Atlantic climate variabilityIt is well recognized that the stratosphere is connected to tropospheric weather and climate. In particular, extreme stratospheric circulation events and their dynamical feedback on the troposphere are known to play a major role1. However, what is not known to date is whether the state of the strat...2012-01-01
23 Solomon, Douglas KipPersistence of artificial sweeteners in a 15-year-old septic system plumeGroundwater contamination from constituents such as NO3 -, often occurs where multiple sources are present making source identification difficult. This study examines a suite of major ions and trace organic constituents within a well defined septic system plume in southern Ontario, Canada (Long Poin...2013-01-01
24 Steenburgh, William JamesGreat Salt Lake-effect precipitation: observed frequency, characteristics, and associated environmental factorsThis climatology examines the environmental factors controlling the frequency, occurrence, and morphology of Great Salt Lake-effect (GSLE) precipitation events using cool season (16 September-15 May) Weather Surveillance Radar-1988 Doppler (WSR-88D) imagery, radiosonde soundings, and MesoWest surfac...2012-01-01
25 Steenburgh, William JamesEpisodic dust events of Utahs Wasatch Front and adjoining regionEpisodic dust events cause hazardous air quality along Utah's Wasatch Front and dust loading of the snowpack in the adjacentWasatch Mountains. This paper presents a climatology of episodic dust events of the Wasatch Front and adjoining region that is based on surface weather observations from the Sa...2012-01-01
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