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1 Anderson, James A.Unduplicated empirical theories of 2016In 2016, the seven mainline, empirical journals-Communication Monographs, Communication Research, Human Communication Research, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Journal of Communication, and Management Communication Quarterly-produced 253 empiric...2016
2 Hayes-Harb, RachelThe influence of the Pinyin and Zhuyin writing systems on the acquisition of Mandarin word forms by native English speakersThe role of written input in second language (L2) phonological and lexical acquisition has received increased attention in recent years. Here we investigated the influence of two factors that may moderate the influence of orthography on L2 word form learning: (i) whether the writing system is shared...Second language acquisition(SLA); Mandarin; Pinyin; Zhuyin; Orthographic input; Second language phonology; Second language word learning2016-03-06
3 Anderson, James A.Unduplicated empirical theories in communication reported in 2015All empirical articles in seven journals for the volume year 2014 from: Communication Monographs Communication Research Human Communication Research Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media Journal of Communication Management Communication Quarterly 254 ...Empirical theories; Communication2015
4 Anderson, James A.Empirical theories in communication reported in 2014 & 2015All empirical articles in seven journals for the volume years 2014 and 2015 from: Communication Monographs Communication Research Human Communication Research Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media Journal of Communication Management Communication Quar...Empirical theories; Communication2015
5 Anderson, James A.Unduplicated empirical theories of 2014All empirical articles in seven journals for the volume year 2014: Communication Monographs Communication Research Human Communication Research Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media Journal of Communication Management Communication Quarterly 231 artic...Empirical theories; Social science theories; Communication theories2014
6 Francis, LeslieCreation Ethics and the harms of existenceDavid DeGrazia's Creation Ethics1 is a fascinating effort to present a consistent account of creation in many contexts-from reproduction, to self-creation through genetic enhancement, to the creation of entire future generations. For reasons of space, this comment addresses the related discussions o...2014-01-01
7 Haber, MatthewIn defense of the organism: Thomas Pradeu (Elizabeth Vitanza, trans.): The limits of the self: immunology and biological identity. New York: Oxford University Press, 2012, ix+302 pp, ISBN: 978-0-19-977528-6, $65 HB.Thomas Pradeu's The Limits of the Self provides a precise account of biological identity developed from the central concepts of immunology. Yet the central concepts most relevant to this task (self and nonself ) are themselves deemed inadequate, suffering from ambiguity and imprecision. Pradeu seeks...2014-01-01
8 Loveland, JessicaSociolinguistic differences between Japanese and EnglishThis poster discusses the sociolinguistic differences between Japanese and English as seen through English translations of manga and how this may impact the learning of a Japanese language learner.Japanese; English; Sociolinguistics; Manga; Culture; Pop culture2015-03-19
9 Francis, LeslieAccommodating every bodyThis Article contends that workplace accommodations should be predicated on need or effectiveness instead of group-identity status. It proposes that, in principle, "accommodating every body" be achieved by extending Americans with Disabilities Act-type reasonable accommodation to all work-capable me...2014-01-01
10 Millgram, ElijahPrivate persons and minimal personsIt's a commonplace that privacy can now be abridged and abdicated in ways that weren't routinely possible until very recently. I want here to draw attention to an alternative configuration of the mind that these techniques make available, which I will call the minimal person. My explication of minim...2014-01-01
11 Plutynski, AnyaEthical issues in cancer screening and preventionNovember 2009's announcement of the USPSTF's recommendations for screening for breast cancer raised a firestorm of objections, Chief among them that the Panel bad insufficiently valued patients' lives or allowed cost considerations to influence recommendations. The publicity about the recommendation...2012-01-01
12 Haber, MatthewReframing the ethical issues in part-human animal research: the unbearable ontology of inexorable moral confusionResearch that involves the creation of animals with human-derived parts opens the door to potentially valuable scientific and therapeutic advances, yet invokes unsettling moral questions. Critics and champions alike stand to gain from clear identification and careful consideration of the strongest e...2012-01-01
13 Francis, LeslieA wrongful case for parental tort liabilityMalek and Daar [M&D] argue that parents have a duty to employ prenatal genetic diagnosis (PGD) if they undergo IVF knowing they are at risk of transmitting a serious genetic condition. Although M&D limit their analysis to parents already undergoing PGD, in which they say the parental obligation is s...2012-01-01
14 Anderson, James A.Epistemological movements in communication: reference tablesThis publication supports the chapter EpistemologicalMovements in Communication: An Analysis o f Empirical and Rhetorical/Critical Scholarship to be published in the NCA Centennial Volume. It provides the extended data tables that could not be presented in the chapter because of space limitations. I...2014-01
15 Schembri, Brandon LeeProject for integrative refugee writing programsThis poster was to present and formalize my service learning project at the University of Utah.Refugee; Writing program; SLCC community writing center2013
16 Downes, Stephen M.PrefaceThis volume contains the collection of symposium papers presented at the Philosophy of Science Association Meeting in Montreal, November 4-6, 2010, selected for publication. The volume also contains Nancy Cartwright's presidential address at the 2010 PSA. The huge amount of work required to referee ...2012-01-01
17 Thalos, Mariam G.Capitalization in the St. Petersburg Game: why statistical distributions matterIn spite of its infinite expectation value, the St. Petersburg game is not only a gamble without supply in the real world, but also one without demand at apparently very reasonable asking prices. We offer a rationalizing explanation of why the St. Petersburg bargain is unattractive on both sides (to...2013-01-01
18 Duncan, Alexander ColinAristophanes: Acharnians, Knights, and Peace, Translated, and with theatrical commentaryA thenian "Old Comedy," despite its traditional title, has become accustomed to frequent renewal. Michael Ewans, an experienced scholar and director of ancient drama, offers the latest renovation with his able verse A translations of Aristophanes' Acharnians, Knights, and Peace that are complemente...2012-01-01
19 Thalos, Mariam G.Truth deserves to be believedScience seems generally to aim at truth. And governmental support of science is often premised on the instrumental value of truth in service of advancing our practical objectives, both as individuals and as communities, large and small. While there is some political expediency to this view, it is no...2013-01-01
20 Andrus, JenniferCritical discourse analysis and rhetoric and compositionOver the past two decades, critical discourse analysis has emerged as a major new multidisciplinary approach to the study of texts and contexts in the public sphere. Developed in Europe, CDA has lately become increasingly popular in North America, where it is proving especially congenial to new dire...2012-01-01
21 Allen, Christine DianeKate drawingRepresentation.2012
22 Battin, Margaret P.Continuous sedation until death: moral justifications of physicians and nurses─a content analysis of opinion piecesContinuous Sedation until Death (CSD), the act of reducing or removing the consciousness of an incurably ill patient until death, often provokes medical-ethical discussions in the opinion sections of medical and nursing journals. A content analysis of opinion pieces in medical and nursing literature...2012-01-01
23 Parker, Bradley J.The upper Tigris archaeological research project: a final report from the 1999 field seasonDuring the summer of 1999 members of the Upper Tigris Archaeological Research Project (UTARP) conducted archaeological excavations and surveys at two sites in the upper Tigris river region of southeastern Turkey. This article presents the results of that research. At the site of Boztepe excavations ...2002-01-01
24 Parker, Bradley J.Archaeological manifestations of empire: Assyrias imprint on Southeastern AnatoliaOne of the most enduring problems for the study of ancient empires is the fact that material correlates indicative of imperial integration are often difficult to define in the archaeological record. This situation results in part from two factors that distinguish empires from other less complex poli...2003-01-01
25 Parker, Bradley J.The early second millennium ceramic assemblage from Kenan Tepe, Southeastern Turkey: a preliminary assessmentIn the initial survey of the upper Tigris river valley the authors o f the survey report concluded that ‘either this portion o f the Tigris basin was bypassed entirely by Middle Bronze Age development attested to elsewhere or, more likely, it is characterised by a thus far unreported and unrecogni...2003-01-01
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