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1 Mawson, SethDeveloping sport-specific return-to-play testing protocols: incorporation of psychological assessment through self-appraisal in pilot testing for potential return-to-play protocols2022
2 Lewis, GraceFinding a new normal: a scholarly personal narrative on resilience during the covid-19 pandemicThis thesis is a Scholarly Personal Narrative (SPN) that explores the study of resilience and resilience theory through anecdotes. Through a personal anecdote, the theme of resilience will be introduced followed by a general overview of the study of resilience from a historical and multidisciplinary...2021
3 Lee, CindieStructured versus unstructured day: physical activity among adolescents during covid-19Background: Structured settings, specifically school, have been understood to promote physical activity (PA) in children. During the COVID-19 pandemic, students were required to attend school remotely, in an unstructured setting. The purpose of this study is to examine the physical activity of child...2022
4 Gupta, IshaThe role of the dorsal CA3 subregion of the brain and pattern completion in association with drug relapse2009
5 Montoya-Ortiz, Jaylie DeniseChanges to walking trajectories to avoid altitude-related threatsWalking in complex environments demands changes in locomotor behavior. Despite knowledge of how altitude threats, such as walking at high heights, affect spatiotemporal measures of gait, it is unclear how individuals select walking trajectories when there are altitude threats. The purpose of this st...2022
6 Ho, TylerAnteroposterior gait adjustments are the primary recovery strategies to repeated underfoot perturbations during turning gaitBackground: Despite ample research examining human gait, much is still unknown about how humans navigate unpredictable terrain. Most research has analyzed strictly linear gait, which does not comprise all of the gait tasks in everyday ambulation. Instead, humans routinely employ complex gait movemen...2022
7 Corsetti, TanaThe awareness of environmental issues in Vietnam, China, and The United StatesObjectives: Environmental awareness is a global concern and there are few comparative studies of awareness among populations in different countries. The aim of this study was to investigate college students' knowledge of environmental concerns in the USA, Vietnam and China. Study design: Cross-natio...2021
8 Uong, AmberA Females's First Year of College Stress, Mental Health, and AlcoholTransitioning to college marks a critical period of change in a student's life. Students become exposed to new environments that require adaptation. College courses come with academic expectations that are typically higher than those experienced in high school. This honors thesis will review academi...2018
9 Weaver, ShannonFree Clinic Health Education Classes: an Analysis of Efficacy, Barriers, Power Dynamics, and DisparitiesPart I- Power Dynamics Present in Health Education Classes at a Free Clinic Objective: The purpose of this paper is to analyze dynamics between patients, staff, and volunteers at a free clinic. Certain power dynamics within health care are inherent and beneficial, such as a provider prescribing medi...2017
10 Shimko, AlisonSex as a Potential Source of Bias in Adult Judgments of Children with Neurodevelopmental DisorderPrevious research has shown the tendency for people to assign negative attributes to children with a variety of disabilities including neurodevelopmental disorders. The purpose of this study was to examine potential differences in ratings assigned by participants based on their sexes (Rater Male (RM...2017
11 Fett, NatashaCan Pilates Improve Self-Efficacy in People with Multiple Sclerosis?Background: Multiple sclerosis is a degenerative neurological disease in which people experience impaired physical function and increased fatigue. These symptoms lead to decreased participation in activities which leads to exacerbated symptoms. This vicious cycle can cause one to experience lowered ...2014
12 Estrella, ItzelRadiation doses for Nuclear Medicine Procedures: a Compiled ResourceMany types of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging in nuclear medicine require radiation as an essential part of the procedure. These entail different amounts of dose and exposure to the patient. Doctors, technologists, and patients in nuclear medicine often wonder how much dose and exposure is associ...2017
13 Sorensen, AndrewValidity of the Actigraph GT3X+ in children When Worn at the WristBackground: Low levels of physical activity and excessive amounts of sedentary behavior have been associated with higher risk of all-cause mortality as well as the incidence of mortality from numerous chronic diseases. Given the significant impact of physical activity on health, it is important to b...2019
14 Pittam, Emily BuhlerClinically Significant Outcomes of a Multidimensional Intensive Stuttering ClinicThis study examined the etiology, symptoms, and treatments of stuttering. Its main purpose was to report a series of treatment outcome measures of the 2018 University of Utah Intensive Stuttering Clinic (ISC). The clinic implemented both stuttering management treatment (behaviors and emotions relate...2019
15 Shimanski, IsabelA New Protocol for First Responders for Hypothermic Pulselessness in Pediatric PatientsIn the summer of 1986, a two-and-a-half-year-old girl, named Michelle, was submerged in a creek near Salt Lake City for a total of 62 minutes from initial submersion to removal by rescuers [7]. The young girl showed no signs of life, and was found pulseless, flaccid, cyanotici, and with fixed and di...2020
16 Ramous, CarolineIs Intact Endothelial Cell Autophagy Required for Training-Induced Vascular Adaptations?Macroautophagy is operational during basal conditions to maintain intracellular organelle and protein quality control, but is upregulated during cellular stress (e.g., dynamic exercise) to adapt to changing nutritional and energy demands. We tested the hypothesis that intact endothelial cell (EC) au...2020
17 Shaw, MeganPilot Project: Quality of ChildcareEmployment has shown to be an important step in a refugee's successful integration into their host environment, providing both financial and social health benefits to the refugee. This pilot study evaluated the change in quality of child care provided by child care providers, all refugee women, afte...2018
18 Stein, SabrinaRiver Nymph, Earth Goddess: a Female Narrative on the Power of Outdoor Adventure ExperiencesThe primary focus of this thesis is to reveal aspects of the female reality in outdoor adventure experiences. An outdoor adventure experience occurs at any time where one is intentionally outside, appreciating nature often through a type of physical activity. My method is intentional introspection a...2018
19 Paulsen, Tennille S.The influence of body position on intra-abdominal pressureIntroduction: Pelvic floor disorders (PFDs), including urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, are common among women. The study of PFDs has yet to be fully explored within exercise and sport science. The measurement of intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) during physical activity may help establi...Pelvic girdle - Research; Intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) - Research2012-05
20 Brandt, Ellissa KathrynAssessment of bilateral muscle function symmetry in female alpine skiersA recent theory for the high occurrence of ACL injuries in female athletes is the presence of asymmetric leg muscle function. Unfortunately, information relative to the bilateral muscle function for the legs of female alpine skiers is lacking. Therefore the primary aim of this project is to examine ...Anterior Cruciate Ligament - injuries; Skiers, Female; Single leg counter movement jump - Research; Single leg time to stabilization - Research2012-05
21 Caine, TeahThe influence of compression on behavioral estimates of frequency resolutionThis study focuses on the ability of the auditory system to decompose sounds into their individual frequency components. This "frequency resolution" is a fundamental aspect of auditory processing and is known to influence the perception of speech and other ecologically relevant stimuli. Invasive phy...Cochlear compression - Research; Cochlea's basilar membrane2012-05
22 Eike, Daniel AaronNutritional Assessment of Children Ages 0 - 5 Years in Rural Punjab, IndiaMalnutrition is a major health risk that affects nearly 50% of children in India. The state of Punjab has been termed the "breadbasket" of India because of its massive agricultural production. Despite this, children throughout Punjab still suffer from high rates of malnutrition. The purpose of this ...Nutrition - in infancy & childhood - Punjab2016-12
23 Jimenez, Cecilia CardozoSocial-Emotional Problems in Toddlers: Relationship with Language Development and Autism RiskPurpose:Children with language delays are at increased risk for persistent difficulties such as language disorder, learning disability, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Further, the presence of a language delay may also indicate risk for social-emotional problems. However, research examining so...Language Development Disorders - in infancy & childhood2016-08
24 Lee, Alexis PearlShifting physical activity patterns among women: The historical and potential future impacts on pelvic floor and skeletal healthSuccesses in the battle for gender equality have helped empower women to become more physically active through exercise and sport in recent times than any other point in history, particularly since the passage of Title IX. As a result, many women are choosing programs of high intensity with impact, ...Exercise - Physiological aspects2016-04
25 Robinson, Mercedes SummerProfessional vs. nonprofessional exercise advice and injury correlations in campus recreation facility usersPurpose: Risk of injury, when participating in an exercise program, is always present; however when the exercise program is poorly designed or not designed for the individual, the risk of injury increases significantly. Poorly designed exercise programs stem from individuals seeking advice for exerc...Sports injuries2016-01
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