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1 "Living with our toxic legacy": parafictional practice and the national toxic land/labor conservation service2017Textir_etd
2 (UN)Known Origin2017Textir_htoa
3 36 frames: A self portrait2012-05Textir_htoa
4 A Dance Between Concepts: Integration of Science and Movement2018Textir_htoa
5 A Slingshot out of the valley contemporary relevance of the local in the local art scene2009Textir_etd
6 A collaboration: dance and theatre2011-05Textir_etd
7 A comparative study of selected secondary school preservice music teacher education programs in the republic of korea and the united states2015-12Textir_etd
8 A personal philosophy: its basis and implications1970Textir_etd
9 A study in correlations between discriminative abilities, hard opposites and class standing1916Textir_etd
10 A survey of early childhood public school music in the district of columbia: assessing content and teacher preparation2015-05Textir_som
11 A thousand steps around me: a study of discovering metaphor through manipulating repetition in dance2011-08Textir_etd
12 Abigail Bowe: Art Portfolio 2020 Life Drawings and Character Design2020Textir_htoa
13 Abject/Body: A Performative perspective on Race, Gender, and voilence in dance2017Textir_etd
14 Aerial alchemy2010-05Textir_etd
15 After the rhapsody: George Gershwin in the Spring of 19242014-01-01Textir_uspace
16 An analysis of Anton Bruckner's symphony number seven in E major1972Textir_etd
17 An exploration of vulnerability through creative process and performance2012-08ir_etd
18 Analysis of Schubert symphony no.8 in B minor1955Textir_etd
19 Ancient wing for solo flute1998Textir_uspace
20 Anthropology, Ethnography, and Documentary Film: Reflecting on a Documentary Journey2018Textir_htoa
21 Antonio Henrique Amaral's Battlefield paintings (1973-1974) and the Brazilian military dictatorship2017Textir_etd
22 Are you my boyfriend? exploring a choreographic narrative2010Textir_etd
23 Are you my boyfriend? exploring a choreographic narrative2010-08Textir_etd
24 Arioso for alto recorder and live electronics [score]2012-09-09ir_uspace
25 Army of self: dance democracy2017Textir_etd
1 - 25 of 215