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1 SHOTS FIRED2017Textir_htoa
2 You Do You: A Theoretical Exploration of Audience Agency in Theatre2017Textir_htoa
3 Finding a character2014-05Textir_htoa
4 DeGrunchy's Mantle a pastoral in blank verse1991-06Textir_htca
5 Songsense: The emerging synthesis of civilization1985-06Textir_htca
6 The marrow of the bone: An actor's process and privilege1991-06Textir_htca
7 The stage of the early restoration from contemporaneous literature1909-06-02Textir_etd
8 You do you: A theoretical exploration of audience agency in theatre2017Textir_uspace
9 Frankenstein: A dramatic adaptation1995-08Textir_htca
10 The Zion curtain: A documentary play2014-04Textir_htoa
11 Sex and sexuality: a reflection of society as seen through theatre2013-08Textir_htoa
12 Seeing into A doll's house through windows of feminism and mounting an epic production thereof : a dramaturgical production file2013-05Textir_htoa
13 Promised valley: a design thesis1970-06Textir_etd
14 Beyond classical: mixing in the belt. An exploration of musical theatre singing2015-08Textir_htoa
15 Wild, wild love: Developing new work for the stage2015-04Text; Image/MovingImageir_htca
16 Faustus, Marlowe, and Bosch: Intersections of medieval fantasy imagery2015-04Textir_htoa
17 Dance theatre of Alwin Nikolais1905-05-20Textir_etd
18 Three creative projects in directing: an original play, a scripted film, a documentary film1974-12Textir_etd
1 - 25 of 18