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1 Water bottle filling station and awareness campaign2011Text; Imageir_su
2 University of Utah Green Teams2010Text; Imageir_su
3 Paper project 20112011Text; Imageir_su
4 Sustainability and recycling initiatives: South Jordan Health Center2014Text; Imageir_su
5 Greening of Eccles Library: a Case Study2001-10-26Text; Imageir_su
6 Assessment of unconventional fuels development costs2013-05-07Text; Imageir_eua
7 Utah BLM lands - our energy portfolio: The president's commitment to a sustained, all-of-the-above energy strategy2013-05-07Text; Imageir_eua
8 Financing unconventional fuels2013-05-07Text; Imageir_eua
9 Uinta Basin energy products and transportation study: Constraints and opportunities2013-05-07Text; Imageir_eua
10 High performance computing (hpc) in unconventional fuel production2013-05-07Text; Imageir_eua
11 Constructing a basin-scale geologic model2013-05-07Text; Imageir_eua
12 Air quality in the Uintah Basin2013-05-07Text; Imageir_eua
13 Simulation of in situ processes in reservoir modeling: Fracturing and permeability development of oil shale2013-05-07Text; Imageir_eua
14 Role of simulation in carbon management2013-05-07Text; Imageir_eua
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