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1 13C NMR Spectroscopy: A key contributor for development of the molecular structure of coal and other kerogensTextir_icse
2 2010 recycling and solid waste report2010Textir_su
3 2011 Unconventional Fuels Conference - Welcome/opening remarks2011-05-17ir_eua
4 2012 Uintah Basin winter ozone study2012-05-15ir_eua
5 2012 Unconventional fuels conference introduction2012-05-15ir_eua
6 5 Photo Scanning Tips2019-02-28Textir_uspace
7 A comparative study of gray and non-gray methods of computing gas absorption coefficients and its effect on the numberical predictions of oxy-fuel combustionTextuu_afrc
8 A generational ShiftTextir_eua
9 A market assessment of heavy oil, oil sands, and oil shale resources2011-03-10ir_eua
10 A new look for CONENTdm: a user-centered approach2010-06-03Textir_uspace
11 A smart combustion approach to quantify and evaluate leakage air effects in fired heaters2019Textir_eua
12 A technology for measuring combustion efficiency of industrial & field flares (integrating measurements and simulations)2011-08-12Textuu_afrc
13 Acceptable operating parameters for steam assisted flares at Purge RatesTextuu_afrc
14 Accurate and reliable flare testing methods2011-08-30Textuu_afrc
15 Active and passive FTIR monitoring of flare combustion efficiencyTextuu_afrc
16 Active and passive monitoring of flare combustion efficiency2011-09-19Textuu_afrc
17 Adding finding aids with CONTENTdm 5's built-in support2010-06-03ir_uspace
18 AFRC 2008 international flare consortium update2008Textuu_afrc
19 AFRC 2009 international flare consortium update2009Textuu_afrc
20 Air quality in the Uintah Basin2013-05-07Text; Imageir_eua
21 American flame research committee (AFRC) international combustion symposium2011Textuu_afrc
22 An introduction to patent searching2013-08Textir_uspace
23 An LES analysis of industrial flare performance under high wind conditions2005Textuu_afrc
24 APECS software and architecture overview2009-10Textir_eua
25 Application of ISIS computer code to gas flares under varying wind conditions2006Textuu_afrc
1 - 25 of 374