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1 A descriptive study of older veterans with heart failure participating in a telehealth program2017Textir_etd
2 Mountain West parental atitudes and barriers related to HPV vaccination in rural settings2021Textir_htoa
3 Caregiver inclusion in ideal discharge teaching: implications for transitions from hospital to home2021Textir_htoa
4 Hospital-Acquired pressure injury risk in medical intensive care unit patients with COVID-19: a retrospective cohort study2021Textir_htoa
5 Skin of Color Representation in Teaching Images in Pediatric Nursing Practitioner TextbooksTextir_etd
6 Newborn screening false-positives and maternal perceived uncertainty2013Textir_etd
7 Internalized HIV stigma among women giving birth in Tanzania: a mixed-methods study2023Textir_htoa
8 Veterans' perspectives on the meaning of my healthevet as it impacts adoption2020Textir_etd
9 Racially and ethnically diverse midlife women's health needs and symptom experience during the menopausal transition2022Textir_htoa
10 Do reproductive-age women increase their physical activity levels during the first four weeks of the diabetes prevention program?2021Textir_htoa
11 Posttraumatic growth among older adults with severe age-related macular degeneration2019Textir_etd
12 The process of restoring personal integrity: mitigating the emotional cost of medical errors2020Textir_etd
13 Text analysis of suicidal thoughts and behaviors in adolescents and young adults2021Textir_htoa
14 Motivations to participate in the diabetes prevention program among overweight and obese women planning pregnancy2021Textir_htoa
15 An analysis of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and resilience in prelicensure nursing students during a global pandemic2021Textir_htoa
16 Analysis of AYA cancer patient priority symptoms through text mining software2021Textir_htoa
17 Determining the effectiveness of an anemia-prevention program for children aged 6 to 59 months in a rural community in Haiti: a mixed-method study2019Textir_etd
18 Social support on social media among young adult cancer caregivers: a mixed method study2019Textir_etd
19 Fear of falling in older adults and corresponding fears in family caregivers: an exploratory mixed-method study2019Textir_etd
20 Perinatal cultural beliefs of somali refugee women2019Textir_etd
21 Physical symptoms in Young children with Cancer: comparison of electronic versus paper-and-pencil diaries2019Textir_etd
22 A mentorship model for educationally underrepresented high school students interested in the nursing profession2020Textir_htoa
23 Providers Responses to the Implementation of one Key Question(R) into the University of Utah Healthcare System2019Textir_htoa
24 Resilience in Bereaved Dementia Caregivers2018Textir_htoa
25 Indicators of Burden in Conversations Between Caregivers2018Textir_htoa
1 - 25 of 839