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1 University of Utah Red Butte Creek Strategic Vision2016Textir_uspace
2 Skyline 16 Stratigraphic Column2015-07ir_eua
4 Clean and Secure Energy from Domestic Oil Shale and Oil Sands Resources Quarterly Progress ReportTextir_eua
5 Skyline 16 information2015-07ir_eua
6 Natural Gamma-Res Suite: Skyline 162010-05-28ir_eua
7 Gamma-E-Log-CDL: Skyline 162010-05-28ir_eua
8 Gamma-Res-Density-Cal: Skyline 162010-05-28ir_eua
9 University of Utah and Utah Geological Survey Green River coring project summary2015-07ir_eua
10 Clean and Secure Energy from Domestic Oil Shale and Oil Sands Resources: Quarterly progress report - January 2015 to March 20152015ir_eua
11 Pore scale analysis of oil shale pyrolysis by X-ray CT and LB simulation2010-09-09ir_eua
12 Underground coal thermal treatment research at the University of Utah2011-03-23ir_eua
13 Accelerating deployment of retrofitable CO2 capture technologies through predictivity: (Simulation, verification, validation / uncertainty quantification) - 2010 Annual report (for year 1 of 3) to DOE NNSA from The University of Utah2011ir_eua
14 Integrated sedimentary and geochemical investigation of core form the upper Green River Formation lacustrine deposits, Uinta Basin, Utah2010-04-12ir_eua
15 SO3 formation during oxy-coal combustion2010-06-10ir_eua
16 Structural characterization of Green River oil shale core segments and the kerogen isolated from these segments2011-09-18ir_eua
17 Virtual Radiometers for Parallel Architectures2012Textir_eua
18 Oxy-coal combustion studies - Task 3 topical report, Utah Clean Coal Program.2014-08ir_eua
19 Clean and Secure Energy from Coal - Final report, Utah Clean Coal Program2015-02ir_eua
20 Carbon capture and sequestration: A regulatory gap assessment - Topical report2012-04ir_eua
21 Oxy-coal Combustion Studies Task 3 Topical Report, Utah Clean Coal Program2012-01-06ir_eua
22 Regulatory promotion of emergent CCS technology - Topical report2014-01ir_eua
23 Validation/Uncertainty Quantification for Large Eddy Simulations of the heat flux in the Tangentially Fired Oxy-Coal Alstom Boiler Simulation Facility - Task 9 Topical Report, Utah Clean Coal Program2014-10ir_eua
24 Underground coal thermal treatment - Task 6 topical report, Utah Clean Coal Program2015-01ir_eua
25 Chemical looping combustion kinetics2009-12-01ir_eua
1 - 25 of 124