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1 Tests of clay and cement pipes1912Textir_etd
2 Analysis of soft encapsulation methods for acutely implantable high-channel count neural recording electronics2014-05Textir_etd
3 Investigating the effects of transiently elevated upstream shear forces on priming of platelets for downstream adhesion and activation2019Textir_etd
4 Targeted and variable minimum quanitity cutting fluid application for finish machining of steels2019Textir_etd
5 Automated generation of dynamic models for genetic regulatory networks2019Textir_etd
6 Design of a novel X-Ray Ct in situ experiment for imaging 3D deformation of aluminum foam materials2016Textir_htca
7 Resting heart rate in LVAD recepients: an indifferent factor or an Indicator of Mortality?2017Textir_htca
8 Damage detection capabilities of guided wave structural health monitoring using noise and temperature robust compensation methods2019Textir_etd
9 Manufacturing bioinspired flexible hierarchical engineered materials for energy applications through integrating ultrasound directed self-assembly and 3D printing2019Textir_etd
10 Use of rheology to predict the flow restart behavior of multiphase waxy crude oils in transportation pipelines2019Textir_etd
11 Effect of indoxyl sulfate on atorvastatin mediated production of endothelial nitric oxide synthase2019Textir_htca
12 Citizens West residential building energy modeling2023Textir_htoa
13 A geographic information system (GIS)-Based analysis for predicting crash hotspots on freeway2019Textir_etd
14 A comparison of corrosion resistant reinforcement in moderately and highly corrosive conditions2019Textir_etd
15 A study on fecal pollution sources in Jordan River tributaries using microbial source tracking method2019Textir_etd
16 Design and optimization of a neutron radiography beamport capability with the University of Utah triga reactor2021Textir_etd
17 The development of quantitative signatures of uranium oxides for nuclear forensic analysis2018Textir_etd
18 Seismic rehabilitation of severely damaged reinforced concrete bridge columns using plastic hinge relocation2018Textir_etd
19 Numerical modeling of performance of highway bridge approach slabs and sleeper slabs2019Textir_etd
20 Performance and bacterial community profiling of PAO/DPAO in an EBPR bench-top-reactor with synthetic fermentation system2019Textir_etd
21 Freeway traffic optimal control with mixed connected automated vehicles and human driven vehicles2019Textir_etd
22 Study of prokaryotes, their viruses, and interaction between them in the Great Salt Lake using bioinformatics - A metagenomic approach2019Textir_etd
23 Modeling hydrologic performance of bioretention for cold climates in storm water management model (SWMM)2018Textir_etd
24 Advanced thermoelectric materials and spintronics for energy conservation2019Textir_etd
25 Defect characterization of neutron and gamma irradiated gallium nitride with N-face, GA-Face, and M-Plane orientations2019Textir_etd
1 - 25 of 3,896