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1 Lundahl, Brad WardDifferent histories, different stories: using a narrative tool to assess childrens internal worldsThis study investigated the concurrent validity of a children's narrative assessment tool, the Plenk Story-Telling Test (PST). The PST attempts to measure aspects of young children's internal working models by eliciting narratives from nine pictures. The PST, Child Behavior Checklist, and the Parent...2014-01-01
2 Barusch, AmandaFamily relationshipsWith increased longevity, family relationships have become both more complex and more enduring. At the end of the twentieth century, four-generation and even five-generation families were not uncommon, and with longer life comes longer lifelong relationships, such as marriage. Advanced age presents ...2000-01-01
3 Yaffe, JoanneEmpty reviews: a description and consideration of cochrane systematic reviews with no included studiesBackground: There is no specific guidance for the reporting of Cochrane systematic reviews that do not have studies eligible for inclusion. As a result, the reporting of these so-called ‘‘empty reviews'' may vary across reviews. This research explores the incidence of empty systematic reviews in...2012-01-01
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