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1 Jones, AspenUtah's foster parent training: a trauma-informed analysisThere is compelling evidence for why we need to pay attention to the negative effects of childhood trauma. The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study determined that there is a correlation between childhood adversity and negative physical, neurological, and behavioral outcomes. When looking at th...2023
2 Huntzinger, OliviaExperiences with public transit among older and younger adults experiencing homelessness in Salt Lake County, UtahThe population of people experiencing homelessness (PEH) over the age of 50 has risen in recent years. Low income individuals, especially PEH, have a higher need for public transit to meet basic needs, such as food, healthcare, shelter, and social connection. The purpose of this study was to better ...2022
3 Cyr, AmyThe effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on women in higher educationIn March of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed the course of life for most people in the world. This thesis aims to examine the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic had on women in higher education, specifically tracking the trajectories of undergraduate women in college. This thesis is a...2022
4 Peterson, MyrandaThe Wounded Heater: A Descriptive Analysis of the Thematic Material of the Wounded Healer Archetype in Connection with the The Therapeutic Healing ProcessThe following thesis project is a critical analysis of Greek mythology, particularly the myth of Asklepios as The Wounded Healer, and why the best therapists often embody this archetypal energy in alchemical transformation. Mythology has been used to inform practice in the helping professions throug...Greek mythology; Asklepios; Wounded healer; Depth psychotherapy; Narrative; Helping professions; Medicine2019
5 Randall, LynetteeYoung Adults, the Impact and Experience of Commemorative PracticesThis study uses qualitative methodology to investigate the self-reported impact commemorative practices have on bereaved young adults. The act of commemoration is defined in the literature review with special emphasis on traditional and non-traditional methods. The difference between traditional and...2019
6 Rasmussen, KatieAwareness and Access to Support Resources Among Refugee Women in Salt Lake City Experiencing Sexual and Gender-Based ViolenceThis paper addresses the complex issue of refugee women and their susceptibility to sexual and gender-based violence. Refugees are more susceptible to this violence as a result of their increased vulnerability when they are displaced, as well as changing gender roles and environments as they are for...2018
7 Abele, MadisonLow-Income pregnant Women's Quality of Prenatal careThis research project focused on the quality of prenatal care for low-income women in Salt Lake City, Utah. A standardized instrument, The Quality of Prenatal Care Questionnaire was used to guide this study. It focused on Information Sharing, Anticipatory Guidance, Sufficient Time, Approachability, ...2018
8 Hyde, Katie M.Bhutanese refugee women's lived reproductive health experience in Salt Lake City, UtahThis research project focused on family planning and reproductive health care access among Bhutanese refugees in Salt Lake City, Utah. Four questions guided this study: (1) What contraceptive methods do female Bhutanese refugees use to control fertility/space births? (2) What reproductive health car...Women refugees - Utah - Salt Lake City - Health and hygiene; Women refugees - Bhutan - Health and hygiene; Reproductive health services - Utah2014-05
9 Kavalam, NishaAlternative breaks: The integration of community engagement and social justiceAlternative Breaks is a national practice among higher education institutions in the United States: programs vary in structures, but essentially students and staff/faculty participate in a week of service and education in another community, domestically or internationally, around a specific social i...Service learning; Alternative breaks2015-12
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