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1 "An Exact Portrait of the People": the Need for Gender Parity in U.S. Congress for Legitimate Government2016-08Textir_htoa
2 In the realm of legal and moral Philosophy; (Book Review)2001-01Textir_uspace
3 A Crisis on the Border: An Unexpected Crisis or An Expected Outcome?2019Textir_htoa
4 A world without nukes: International relations perspectives2015-05Textir_htoa
5 American colonial policy in the Philippines (1916-1932)1933-05-15Textir_etd
6 An act to decrease childhood obesity rates in the U.S.2014-05Textir_htoa
7 An approach to the politics of Elbert D. Thomas1956Textir_etd
8 Analysis of state public employee retirement systems (PERS): governance network complexity, capacity, accountability and legitimacy2010Textir_etd
9 Are Americans confident their ballots are counted?2006-07-20Textir_uspace
10 Assessing a culture of power: the case of John Swallow, Utah attorney general2016Textir_etd
11 Balanced at the edges : feminist organizing as oppositional practice1992Textir_etd
12 Baldwin in Conversation: Love and Black Lives Matter2018Textir_htoa
13 Beneath the dark cloak of U.S. deportation: Bureaucratic distancing tactics employed by the deportation system2015-05Textir_htoa
14 Blind v. color blind: the injustice of State felon disenfranchisement schemes2009Textir_etd
15 Changes in patterns of political participation and engagement in Thailand, 2001-20072011-12Textir_etd
16 Closing the health development gap: An analysis of health spending in Southeast Asia2015-08Textir_htoa
17 Contentious politics and political stability in contemporary China: an institutionalist explanation2013-08Textir_etd
18 Contentious politics in Turkey: The changing patterns of political participation in protest, 1945-20072015Textir_etd
19 Controlling democracy: the principal-agent problems in election administration2006-07-20Textir_uspace
20 Crisis management in Russia: overcoming institutional rigidity and resource constraints2002Textir_uspace
21 Delinquency's treatment: why interactions produce policy and identity in secure juvenile facilities2017Textir_etd
22 Digital activism: Addressing social movements in the digital age2012-05Textir_htoa
23 Disentangling diffusion: an analysis of municipal tax rate patterns2015Textir_etd
24 Disruptive power: A comparison of political voice for non-elites after the great depression and the recession of 20082015-05Textir_htoa
25 Do caps on non-economic damages decrease medical malpractice insurance premiums?2015-04Textir_htoa
1 - 25 of 129