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1 Electrical detection of spin coherence in silicon2003-12Text
2 Optical conductivity of a two-dimensional electron liquid with spin-orbit interaction2006-08Text
3 Picosecond optical time-of-flight studies of carrier transport in α-Si:H/α-SiNx:H multilayers1987-09Text
4 Theory of paramagnetic impurities in semiconductors1966Text
5 Frequency dependence of the photonic noise spectrum in an absorbing or amplifying diffusive medium2001-01Text
6 Singlet s-wave scattering lengths of 6Li and 7Li1996-06Text
7 Tip-enhanced fluorescence microscopy at 10 nanometer resolution2004-10Text
8 Linewidth-limited energy transfer in single conjugated polymer molecules2003-12Text
9 Overview of the ANITA project2003Text
10 Dark matter axions revisited2009-08Text
11 Magnetic anisotropy of Zn-Cr alloys at very low temperatures1978Text
12 Optically-detected magnetic-resonance study of triplet state dynamics in C701996-03Text
13 Can WIMP spin dependent couplings explain DAMA data, in light of null results from other experiments?2004-12Text
14 Zero-bias tunneling anomaly in a clean 2D electron gas caused by smooth density variations2007-11Text
15 Anomaly in spin-wave spectrum of magnetic metals1966-11Text
16 Transient spectroscopy of Frenkel and charge transfer excitons in α-sexithienyl films1997-10Text
17 Photomodulation spectroscopy of iodine-doped polyacetylene; phase transition from soliton lattice to metal1986-10Text
18 Plastic microring lasers on fibers and wires1998Text
19 Optical bias control of dispersive relaxations in α-Si:H1984-01Text
20 New mapping for particles on lattices with hard-core interactions1996Text
21 Microwave absorption in the superconducting and normal phases of Y-Ba-Cu-O1987-08Text
22 Remarks on noncommutative open string theory: V duality and holography2001-03Text
23 Phase relationship between the long-time beats of free induction decays and spin echoes in solids2012-01-01Text
24 Photoexcitation dynamics in polythiophene/fullerene blends for photovoltaic applications2012-01-01Text
25 Resonant finite-size impurities in graphene, unitary limit, and Friedel oscillations2012-01-01Text
1 - 25 of 924