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1 The persistent object system MetaStore : persistence via metaprogramming1992-06Textir_computersa
2 The Many Faces of Introspection1992-04Textir_computersa
3 Real-time measurement of multiple three-dimensional positions1973-06Textir_computersa
4 Subdivision algorithm for computer display of curved surfaces1974Textir_computersa
5 A symbolic simulation-based verification system for synchronous circuits1992-12Textir_computersa
6 On the rendering of surfaces1979Textir_computersa
7 Robustness in geometric modeling : an intuitionistic and tolerance-based approach1992-08Textir_computersa
8 Adaptive image segmentation1992-03Textir_computersa
9 A polymorphic, hierarchical type system for Prolog1992-08Textir_computersa
10 Parametric approximation to surfaces1992-12Textir_computersa
11 Computer display of curved surfaces1978Textir_computersa
12 Design for a micromodular self-timed system, A1972-03Textir_computersa
13 The Development of a Virtual Database and an Evaluation of Techniques to Improve the Performance of a Virtual Database1992-03Textir_computersa
14 Digital image deblurring by nonlinear homomorphic flltering1974-08Textir_computersa
15 First-order preference theories and their applications1992-12Textir_computersa
16 A priori digital speech analysis1973-03Textir_computersa
17 Design goals of an editor for storage logic arrays1981-06Textir_computersa
18 Implementation of a network database using a function graph language1981-06Textir_computersa
19 Object models for computer aided design1976-03Textir_computersa
20 Blending parametric surfaces1992-12Textir_computersa
21 ASSASSIN: an assembly, specification and analysis system for speed-independent control-unit design in integrated circuits using path-programmable logic (PPL)1982-06Textir_computersa
22 Computer graphics approach for understanding prosthetic heart valve characteristics1972-06Textir_computersa
23 Frame buffer system selection1979-01Textir_computersa
24 Beta-spline: a local representation based on shape parameters and fundamental geometric measures1981-12Textir_computersa
25 Reconstruction of three-dimensional surfaces from two-dimensional projections1981-06Textir_computersa
1 - 25 of 1,149