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1 Simultaneous measurement to human auditory nerve and brainstem potentials: efects of upward spread of excitation2022Textir_htoa
2 Effects of a noise precursor on signal-to-noise ratios measured from the Human Auditory Nerve2023Textir_csd
3 Assessment of the Medial olivocochlear reflex using Electrocochleography in Humans2023Textir_csd
4 Survey of pediatric audiologist on their use of loudness perception measures2021Textir_htoa
5 Evaluation of the contribution of sensory tricks to changes in symptomatology in individuals with laryngeal dystonia in comparison to individuals with essential vocal tremor2022Textir_etd
6 Examining infinitive clause productions in children with developmental language disorder2018Textir_etd
7 Efficacy of duolingo® as a language-learning tool for Spanish-English dual-language learners: a preliminary study2019Textir_etd
8 A pilot implementation study of school-based universal screening for language impairment2019Textir_etd
9 Long-Term treatment outcomes of cough hypersensitivity syndrome2019Textir_etd
10 Acoustic measures of essential vocal tremor compared to spasmodic dysphonia with co-occurring tremor2019Textir_etd
11 Word retrieval practice effects and working memory in aphasia2019Textir_etd
12 Sex as a Potential Source of Bias in Adult Judgments of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorder2017Textir_htoa
13 Clinically Significant Outcomes of a Multidimensional Intensive Stuttering Clinic2019Textir_htoa
14 An experimental comparison of the humorous lecture and the non humorous lecture in informative speaking1964Textir_etd
15 Effects of cochlear compression and efferent feedback on amplitude modulation detection2017Textir_etd
16 Profiling speech and language outcomes of children with cleft palate at 39 months of age: examining predictors and identifying speech and language characteristics2017Textir_etd
17 A multicultural examination of language use in the newspaper print media1995Textir_htca
18 Perceived gender in clear and conversational speech2016-12Textir_etd
19 Testing a conceptual model of vocal tremor: respiratory and laryngeal contributions to acoustic modulation2016Textir_etd
20 Epidemiology of voice and swallowing disorders in Sjogren's Syndrome2014-12Textir_etd
21 Development of an aphasia treatment targeting verbs with low concreteness2016-12Textir_etd
22 A systemic perspective of communication and social change1975-06Textir_htca
23 Test-retest stability of discourse measures in individuals with aphasia2016Textir_etd
24 Practices of school-based speech-language pathologists assessing language impairment in English learning children2016Textir_etd
25 The influence of compression on behavioral estimates of frequency resolution2012-05Textir_htoa
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