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1 Lenart, Joshua B.A Feasibility Study of a Transfer of Federal Lands: Assessing the Triple Bottom LineThis feasibility study identifies various aspects of the proposed transfer of public federal lands to individual states by characterizing the most significant challenges that the transfer entails for civil and environmental engineers.2016
2 Lenart, Joshua BelaThe Blue Castle project: a feasibility study of the proposed nuclear power plant in Emery County, Utah along the Green RiverWith an increasing population in Utah, specifically in the Salt Lake Valley, the demand for energy is rapidly growing each year. Currently, Utah's electric grid is largely produced by burning coal, natural gas, and other fossil fuels. In the past, supplying Utahns with electricity from these forms h...Blue Castle; Utah; Nuclear power plant; Emery County2015-08
3 Lenart, Joshua B.The Uinta Express pipeline: a comprehensive research report conducted by students enrolled in CvEEN 3100 technical communicationsThe Uinta Express Pipeline is a proposed common carrier pipeline which would transport waxy crude oil extracted from the Uinta Basin in northeastern Utah to area refineries in North Salt Lake City. The proposed project would consist of a 12-inch, buried, insulated, carbon steel pipeline supported by...Uinta Express pipeline; Feasibility study; Waxy crude oil; Environmental impact assessment2015-02
4 Yang, HaoriDetection of hidden materials using nuclear resonance fluorescence technique: simulation and measurementsAbstract-The measured value of the 2.176 MeV 238U Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence (NRF) peak count rate were compared with simulation results. The simulation methods studied include GEANT4, MCNP5 and MCNPX. The simulation results were found out to be consistent but one order of magnitude higher than ...2010-01-01
5 Lawton, Evert C.A review of shear stress sign convention in interpreting Mohrs circleThe pole of planes method is a popular technique for interpreting Mohr's circle to determine the stresses (normal and shear) on planes of differing rotations in 2-D space. A survey of undergraduate textbooks on soil mechanics shows differing viewpoints on the sign convention for interpreting the she...2012-01-01
6 Yang, HaoriPulsed photofission delayed gamma ray detection for nuclear material identificationInnovative systems with increased sensitivity and resolution are in great demand to detect diversion and to prevent misuse in support of nuclear materials management for the U.S. fuel cycle. Nuclear fission is the most important multiplicative process involved in non-destructive active interrogation...2012-01-01
7 Yang, HaoriDigital spectroscopy systems for high rate events in active interrogation applicationsAbstract- Two digital spectroscopy systems have been developed to handle high rate events in active interrogation applications. In the first system, signal from a PMT is directly digitized by a digitizer and then processed on a PC offline, using deconvolution method. By bypassing the preamplifier, ...2007
8 Mcpherson, Brian James; Chapman, David S.Thermal analysis of the southern Powder River Basin, WyomingTemperature and geologic data from over 3000 oil and gas wells within a 180 km x 30 km area that transect across the southern Powder River Basin in Wyoming, U.S.A., were used to determine the present thermal regime of the basin. Three-dimensional temperature fields within the transect, based on...1996
9 Bordelon, Amanda C.Fracture behavior of concrete materials for rigid pavement systemsI would like to thank my adviser, Professor Jeffery Roesler for his guidance and aid throughout my graduate studies. Also I would like to thank the graduate students Cristian Gaedicke, Kyoungsoo Park, Victor Cervantes, and Matthew Beyer for their assistance in various projects for this report. Also ...2007
10 Mcpherson, Brian JamesCO2 sequestration in deep aquifersDisposal and long-term sequestration of anthropogenic "greenhouse gases" such as CO2 is a proposed approach to reducing global warming. Deep, regional-scale aquifers in sedimentary basins are possible sites for sequestration, given their ubiquitous nature. We used a mathematical sedimentary basin m...2000
11 Zhou, XuesongLagrangian relaxation based approach for finding the most reliable path with and without link travel time correlationThis presentation proposes a new method for finding the most reliable path with and without link travel time correlation.Shortest path; Travel time reliability; Link travel time correlation; Lagrangian relaxation2009
12 Mcpherson, Brian JamesSimulation of sedimentary rock deformation: lab-scale model calibration and parameterizationUnderstanding the mechanical behavior of rock is critical for researchers and decision-makers in fields from petroleum recovery to hazardous waste disposal. Traditional continuum-based numerical models are hampered by inadequate constitutive relationships governing fracture initiation and growth. To...2002
13 Mcpherson, Brian JamesRegional-scale permeability by heat flow calibration in the Powder River Basin, WyomingAbstract. Forward modeling of coupled fluid and heat flow in the Powder River basin, Wyoming, is used to explain anomalously high heat flow values observed in the southern portion of the basin. Effective basin-scale permeabilities of selected Powder River basin aquifers and aquitards were calibrat...2001
14 Zhou, XuesongDynamic origin-destination demand estimation using automatic vehicle identification dataAbstract-This paper proposes a dynamic origin-destination (OD) estimation method to extract valuable point-to-point splitfraction information from automatic vehicle identification (AVI) counts without estimating market-penetration rates and identification rates of AVI tags. A nonlinear ordinary leas...2006
15 Eckhoff, David W.Drought happens: get used to it! Will technology help us to survive?Drought is not the most popular subject in the world. Actually, as opposed to death, I think there are some bright spots in the drought mitigation future. I will review some of these in this lecture, but I'm also going to discuss some of the downsides of drought, because you can't have one without t...Wastewater reclamation; Tiered water rates2002-09-10
16 Lawton, Evert C.Development of guidelines for construction control of pile driving and estimation of pile capacityThe work upon which this report is based was supported by the Washington State Department of Transportation and the U. S. Department of Transportation, Federal highway Administration.1985
17 Johnson, Christopher R.Computer simulation and visualization in medicineThe goals of medical simulation and visualization are multifaceted. While some simulations and visualizations facilitate diagnosis, others help physicians plan surgery, therapy, and other forms of treatment. Still other simulation and visualization techniques are used for medical training and to acq...Technology; Computer assisted instruction; Computer graphics2000
18 Mcpherson, Brian JamesOverpressures in the Uinta Basin, Utah: analysis using a three-dimensional basin evolution modelAbstract. High pore fluid pressures, approaching lithostatic, are observed in the deepest sections of the Uinta basin,Utah. Geologic observations and previous modeling studies suggest that the most likely cause of observed overpressure is hydrocarbon generation. We studied Uinta overpressure by dev...2001
19 Yang, HaoriObservation of 238 U photofission productsAbstract-Sophisticated solutions are being developed by researchers to improve detection of clandestine fissile material. In this work, a simpler approach is investigated as an interim solution. Using the existing 9-MeV X-ray radiography units deployed for cargo inspection, delayed fission product g...2006
20 Bordelon, Amanda C.Flowable fibrous concrete for thin pavement inlaysSynthetic fibers within a flowable fibrous concrete (FFC) mixture were characterized by relating their spatial distribution and orientations, determined from x-ray computed tomography (CT), with the measured toughness or fracture energy response of a FFC specimen. This new type of concrete, FFC, wa...2011
21 Mcpherson, Brian JamesDirect simulation of fluid-solid mechanics in porous media using the discrete element and lattice-Boltzmann methodsA detailed understanding of the coupling between fluid and solid mechanics is important for understanding many processes in Earth sciences. Numerical models are a popular means for exploring these processes, but most models do not adequately handle all aspects of this coupling. This paper presents ...2007
22 Yang, HaoriDetection of concealed special nuclear material using nuclear resonance fluorescence techniqueAbstract-Detection method based on Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence (NRF) technique targeting concealed Special Nuclear Material (SNM) has been discussed. Customized DAQ system has been developed to handle high rate events in NRF measurements by implementing real-time DSP on fast ADC and FPGA chip. ...2009
23 Zhou, XuesongStochastic optimization model and solution algorithm for robust double-track train-timetabling problemAbstract-By considering various stochastic disturbances unfolding in a real-time dispatching environment, this paper develops a stochastic optimization formulation for incorporating segment travel-time uncertainty and dispatching policies into a medium-term train-timetabling process that aims to min...2010
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