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1 Pre-clinical animal model for ovarian cancer using live imaging system2015-04-14Text; Image
2 Sensitivity and specificity of substrate mapping: An in silico framework for the evaluation of electroanatomical substrate mapping strategies2014-01-01Text
3 Characterizing growth patterns in longitudinal MRI using image contrast2014-01-01Text
4 Neuro imaging research lab2012Text; Image
5 Ultrasound beam simulations in inhomogeneous tissue geometries using the hybrid angular spectrum method2012-01-01Text
6 Mitigating spinal cord injury2010-03-15Text; Image
7 Characterization of a four-camera ratiometric optical mapping system2010-03-15Text; Image
8 Crystallization of the MS2 translational repressor alone and complexed to bromouridine1995Text
9 Visual Neuroprosthetics: Functional Vision for the Blind1995-01Text
10 Neural signal for the intensity of a tactile stimulus1984Text
11 Characterization of lysozyme messenger and lysozyme synthesized in vitro1969Text
12 Perspectives on new electrode technology for stimulating peripheral nerves with implantable motor prostheses1995Text
13 Simulation of a phosphene field based visual prosthesis1990Text
14 Long-term stimulation and recording with a penetrating microelectrode array in cat sciatic nerve2004Text
15 Stability of chronic intrafascicular electrode recordings1989Text
16 Information contrained in sensory nerve recordings made with intrafascicular electrodes1991Text
17 Translation of Rl7 RNA fragments1969Text
18 Signal integration at the pedicle of turtle cone photoreceptors: an anatomical and electrophysiological study1989Text
19 Separation of action potentials in multiunit intrafascicular recordings1992Text
20 Accelerated dual-degree BS/MS program - experience with the first three years2004Text
21 Influence of temperature probe sheathing materials during ultrasonic heating1986-05Text
22 Cell-free synthesis of herpes simplex virus proteins1977Text
23 FDTD modeling in the design of optical chemical sensor structures1991Text
24 Uninterrupted translation through putative 12-nucleotide coding gap in sequence of carA: business as usual1994Text
25 Selective activation of functional muscle groups through stimulation of spinal motor pools1993Text
1 - 25 of 129