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1 100 electrode intracortical array: structural variability1990Text
2 Accelerated 4-year bachelors/masters degree program in biomedical engineering2002Text
3 Accelerated 4-year bachelors/masters degree program in biomedical engineering2002Text
4 Accelerated dual-degree BS/MS program - experience with the first three years2004Text
5 Acoustic droplet vaporization, cavitation, and therapeutic properties of copolymer-stabilized perfluorocarbon nanoemulsions2009Text
6 Acoustic interneurons of fiddler and ghost crabs1976Text
7 Action potential classification with dual channel intrafascicular electrodes1994Text
8 Acute peripheral nerve recording characteristics of polymer-based longitudinal intrafascicular electrodes2004Text
9 Adaptation of the protein kinase filter paper assay to a 96-well microtiter format.1999-02-01Text
10 Are the extrinsic muscles better suited for signaling joint angles or finger tip location?1997Text
11 Automated film reader for DNA sequencing based on homomorphic deconvolution1994Text
12 Biosensor development at the University of Utah1994-07Text
13 Bringing an integrative modeling experience to a freshman biomedical engineering course2004Text
14 Cell-free synthesis of herpes simplex virus proteins1977Text
15 Changes in primary afferent depolarization of sensory neurones during peripheral nerve regeneration in the cat1981Text
16 Characterization of a four-camera ratiometric optical mapping system2010-03-15Text; Image
17 Characterization of lysozyme messenger and lysozyme synthesized in vitro1969Text
18 Circuits for local and global signal integration in primary visual cortex2002-10-01Text
19 Classification of action potentials in multi unit intrafascicular recordings using neural network pattern recognition techniques1994Text
20 Closed loop control of ankle position using muscle afferent feedback with functional neuromuscular stimulation1996Text
21 Comparison of robust coupling techniques for planar waveguide immunosensors1993Text
22 Computer-aided design of two-dimensional electric-type hyperthermia applicators using the finite-difference time-domain method1991-09Text
23 Control of ankle position using neural feedback1994Text
24 Crystallization of the MS2 translational repressor alone and complexed to bromouridine1995Text
25 Differential activation of nerve fibers with magnetic stimulation in humans2006Text
1 - 25 of 110