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1 2D vector field simplification based on robustness2014-01-01Text
2 3D of brain shape and volume after cranial vault remodeling surgery for craniosynostosis correction in infants2013-01-01Text
3 3D tensor normalization for improved accuracy in DTI tensor registration methods2012-01-01Text
4 4D active cut: an interactive tool for pathological anatomy modeling2014-01-01Text
5 4D modeling of infant brain growth in Down's Syndrome and controls from longitudinal MRI2014-01-01Text
6 A framework for longitudinal data analysis via shape regression2012-01-01Text
7 A joint framework for 4D segmentation and estimation of smooth temporal appearance changes2014-01-01Text
8 A longitudinal structural MRI study of change in regional contrast in Autism Spectrum Disorder2013-01-01Text
9 A new framework for analyzing white matter maturation in early brain development2010-01-01Text
10 A nonparametric procedure for comparing the areas under correlated LROC curves2012-01-01Text
11 A preliminary study on the effect of motion correction on HARDI reconstruction2014-01-01Text
12 A structural MRI study of human brain development from birth to two years2008-01-01Text
13 A workflow for the automatic segmentation of organelles in electron microscopy image stacks2014-01-01Text
14 Abnormal vessel tortuosity as a marker of treatment response of malignant gliomas: preliminary report2004-01-01Text
15 Accuracy and feasibility of dual fluoroscopy and model-based tracking to quantify in vivo hip kinematics during clinical exams2014-01-01Text
16 An HIV-encoded antisense long non-coding RNA epigenetically regulates viral transcription2014-01-01Text
17 An alternative formulation of lyapunov exponents for computing lagrangian coherent structures2014-01-01Text
18 Analysis of diffusion tensor imaging for subjects with Down Syndrome2013-01-01Text
19 Analysis of longitudinal shape variability via subject specific growth modeling2012-01-01Text
20 Analyzing imaging biomarkers for traumatic brain injury using 4D modeling of longitudinal MRI2013-01-01Text
21 Assessment of reliability of multi-site neuroimaging via traveling phantom study2008-01-01Text
22 Assessment of white matter microstructure in stroke patients using NODDI2014-01-01Text
23 Automatic corpus callosum segmentation using a deformable active Fourier contour model2012-01-01Text
24 Bayesian evaluation of groundwater age distribution using radioactive tracers and anthropogenic chemicals2012-01-01Text
25 Brain maturation of newborns and infants2011-01-01Text
1 - 25 of 115