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1 a brook flowing over rocks and tree branchesuum_mapImage
2 Air Service, 3rd Army, A.E.F.; Cobling, Germany; January 18, 19191919-01-18uum_mapImage
3 an unidentified man standing next to a roaduum_mapImage
4 an unidentified womanuum_mapImage
5 an unidentified womanuum_mapImage
6 an unidentified woman in lawn in front of street with a passing caruum_mapImage
7 an unidentified woman sitting on rocksuum_mapImage
8 an unidentified woman standing in a streamuum_mapImage
9 an unidentified woman standing next to a tree stumpuum_mapImage
10 an unidentified woman with a fur coat standing in a lawnuum_mapImage
11 business card "Vote for Calvin W. Rawlings (Ex-Service Man) Democratic Candidate for State Representative"uum_mapImage
12 canal with gondola; Venice, Italy; 19101910uum_mapImage
13 Claire, Elenor, and Grace at Temple Groundsuum_mapImage
14 Doc's Graveuum_mapImage
15 Elanor and Ed standing at Temple Grounds; August 23uum_mapImage
16 Elenor and Margie sitting in front of houseuum_mapImage
17 Elenor at Temple Groundsuum_mapImage
18 Elenor, Ed, Grace and Claire at and unidentified statueuum_mapImage
19 The Evans Trio, Compliments of John James; photo by Sainsbury photo company, Salt Lake City; March 2, 19221922-03-02uum_mapImage
20 Fan Portrait of Burt Lytell; stamped "Sincerely Burt Lytell"uum_mapImage
21 Fan portrait of Charles Ray; signed "Sincerely Yours, Charles Ray"; photograph by Witzel Studio, Los Angelesuum_mapImage
22 Fan portrait of Douglas Fairbanks; signed "Sincerely Douglas Fairbanks"uum_mapImage
23 Fan portrait of Elliot Dretor; signed "Sincerely Yours Elliot Dretor"; photograph by W.F. Seely, Los Angelesuum_mapImage
24 Fan portrait of Harry Carey; signed "Truly Harry Carey"uum_mapImage
25 Fan Portrait of Herbert Rawlinson; stamped "Very Sincerely Herbert Rawlinson"uum_mapImage
1 - 25 of 333