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1 "Our quarters at Fort Douglas, Utah."uum_mapImage
2 A.C. Allen sitting in front of his tent during the Ute Campaign.1879uum_mapImage
3 Back of portrait.uum_mapImage
4 Class of 1872.uum_mapImage
5 Colonel M.M. Blunt (?)uum_mapImage
6 Group of soldiers and women at Saltairuum_mapImage
7 Interior of a home in Fort Douglas.uum_mapImage
8 Portrait of A.C. Allen and fellow soldier most likely taken during the Philippino insurrection.uum_mapImage
9 Portrait of three soldiers.uum_mapImage
10 Soldier sitting outside his tent.uum_mapImage
11 Soldiers in fancy dress uniforms. (Class of 1872)uum_mapImage
12 Soldiers in training.uum_mapImage
13 Soldiers sitting around the base of a tree.uum_mapImage
14 Three soldiers in uniform.uum_mapImage
15 Women with parasols sitting on a cannon.uum_mapImage
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