Stag hunts or rearing environments?

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School or College College of Social & Behavioral Science
Department Anthropology
Creator Hawkes, Kristen
Title Stag hunts or rearing environments?
Date 2012-01-01
Description Tomasello et al. have made the case that shared intentionality distinguishes humans from our nearest living relatives. What accounts for the difference? The answer they offer is Stag Hunt choices faced by ancestral foragers. Noting problems with that answer, I urge attention to a promising alternative stimulated by Tomasello et al.'s own findings. It comes from Sarah Hrdy, who posed the question, "Why us and not them?" The answer she nominated is distinctive rearing environments in our lineage, with consequences for selection on motives and capacities for social engagement at the youngest ages.
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Publisher University of Chicago Press - Journals
Volume 53
Issue 6
First Page 673
Last Page 692
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Bibliographic Citation Hawkes, K. (2012). Stag hunts or rearing environments? Comment on M .Tomasello et al. Two key steps in the evolution of human cooperation: The interdependence hypothesis. Current Anthropology, 53(6), 673-92.
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