Structure of vardenafil in the active site of PDE5

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Title Structure of vardenafil in the active site of PDE5
Date 2006-07-14
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The active site of human PDE5 is shown as a ribbon cartoon with key amino acid sidechains and vardenafil represented as stick images (stick coloring is according to element: C = white, N = blue, O = red, S = orange). The zinc (blue-grey) and magnesium (green) ions in the active site are represented as spheres. The amino-terminal cyclin fold domain (residues 537-678) is represented as an orange ribbon, the linker domain (residues 679-725) is represented as a blue ribbon, and the carboxy-terminal helical bundle domain (726-860) is represented as a cyan ribbon. The active site sidechains shown are Tyr612, Tyr664, Val782, Ala783, Phe786, Leu804, Met816, Gln817, and Phe820. The animation is based on the x-ray crystal structure of PDE5 in complex with vardenafil (PDB id:1UHO) and was prepared using PyMol
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Subject Levitra; Phosphodiesterase inhibitors; PDE; Enzymes; Intracellular cyclic nucleotide-mediated signaling; 110634
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Bibliographic Citation Stehlik, Josef; Movsesian, Matthew A. Update: PDE5 inhibition in Cardiovascular Disease. Goodman & Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, (11th Ed). Laurence L. Brunton (ed). Retrived September 5, 2006 from
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